Become a winner in the healthy marketing
game at Supply Side West 2018

The nutrition game is changing… So how do you change your game? At Supply Side West in Las Vegas, HMT founder Peter Wennström and his expert team will bring you an understanding of how you can be the winner in the future landscape for food and health.

Successful innovation and marketing in a sector as competitive and fast-changing as nutrition requires a deep and thorough understanding of exactly what the consumers want. Unfortunately, this crucial ingredient to product success often gets lost due to the complexity of the market and a lack of internal coordination.

HMT founder Peter Wennström, one of the worlds leading experts in food and health innovation and marketing, has developed the FourFactors® to support nutrition brands and companies in the increasingly complex market space.

– The FourFactors is a best practice model focusing on understanding what drives consumer choice. All too often, great product ideas get compromised even before they are ready for launch. When you lose track of the consumer within your company, you are destined to fail, says Peter Wennström.

If you are attending this years Supply Side West Expo, in Las Vegas on November 8-9, you will be able to experience the advantage with the FourFactors® on sight. Peter Wennström and his expert team will be present at our booth #1625 to offer you free advice and a FourFactors® health check of your product or brand strategy (learn more below).

– What you will get out of this process is clarity; our consumer-driven focus will tell you whether your strategy is lined up with the market realities or not, says Peter Wennström.

You should also not miss Peter Wennström’s presentation at the Supply Side West Central Stage, on November 9 at 3.00 pm, where he will talk about “The Nutrition Game is Changing. How Do You Change YOUR Game?”. Learn more here: Adapting to the changing game of nutrition


HMT activities at Supply Side West 2018

Meet us at booth #1625

Get an introduction to the FourFactors® – the globally leading tool for consumer centric innovation in nutrition, health & wellness.

1. Attend one of our free FourFactors® mini-masterclasses (30 min) to learn how the get Better Targeted Innovations Faster to Market:

2. Book a free one-to-one consultation with one of our Innovation & Marketing experts on sight to get your personalized FourFactors® Health check of your brand & innovation concept. Book your slot on forehand with

Our Innovation & Marketing experts on sight will be:

Peter Wennström: The founder of HMT & the FourFactors®, with over 25 years of experience in international brand management & consultancy in nutrition, health and wellness

Deepak Gunvante: HMT’s partner for Asia Pacific, has held senior leadership roles with GSK, Unilever and General Mills. His expert domain is in consumer insight-based innovation, nutrition claims and regulatory affairs.

Felicia Wennström: Marketing & creative execution specialist, who’s expertise spans from benchmarking of trends & conceptualisation of ideas to social media marketing

Attend Peter Wennström’s Presentation, Nov. 9

The Nutrition Game is Changing. How Do You Change YOUR Game? Learn how to successfully adapt to the ever-changing conditions in todays highly competitive nutrition market at Supply Side West’s Central Stage on November 9, at 3 pm.

We at HMT have identified six forces that are changing the game for the nutrition industry. From each of these Global Game Changers emerges a Nutrition Innovation Strategy that will help you win in tomorrow’s market place. Peter will demonstrate how to win with examples of the old vs. the new way to innovate with your brand.

Learn more here: Adapting to the changing game of nutrition