The biggest innovation barrier in Asia

The Healthy Marketing Team are continuing our trade fair tour and this time we went to Singapore for an amazing Vitafoods Asia. We met hundreds of people interested in knowing how culture affects your innovation strategy and if internal culture is ready for external change. The nutrition industry is facing big future changes and when it happens, you need to be ready internally so that you won’t be outrun by the competition.

At Vitafoods Asia, we were part of the Advice Centre at the fair, where the visitors could test their individual Innovation Profile. To then provide a bigger picture, we connect the Innovation Profile to the Innovation Lifecycle. This provides the whole picture of what is happening, both internally and externally. The innovation space for the industry will be transformed by global game changers and understanding your own innovation culture makes you prepared for the change.


‘From product development to successful marketing’ was identified to be the biggest barrier in the Innovation Wheel by the attendees at Vitafoods Asia. More than 50 % said so, see figure 1.

 Figure 1. Perceived biggest hurdle in the innovation wheel

This is an interesting trend that we are seeing. At Vitafoods Europe, this was also identified as the biggest barrier, although not by quite so many people.

When you’re working with R&D, it seems like understanding the market need is the greatest challenge. From previous work, we can say this is also true for cluster organisations who are focused even more on research and early innovations, i.e. the ´Explorer´ part of the Innovation Wheel.

It’s easy to understand that people working mainly with R&D will have a harder time with marketing than for example developing new products. Still the most common innovation culture among the respondents companies was actually´Marketer´, see picture 2.

Figure 2 Perceived Innovation Culture in the company

Moreover, the individual Innovation Profiling result identified a majority of Explorers and Developers and a minority of actual Marketers, see picture 3.

Figure 3. Innovation Profile distribution

Thus, for companies with mainly Explorer and Developers personalities and with the biggest hurdle being how to move from product development to successful marketing, it’s very important that they understand the Innovation Culture of the Marketer. These different profiles need to have a smooth innovation handover for them to lower the hurdle and make it easier to succeed in the market.


We will continue the tour around the globe and next stop is Supply Side West in Las Vegas the 25-29 September. There we will deliver a keynote speech and measure the innovation temperature of the States.