Whitepaper Series


Health and Food: from Rescue to Empowerment

In our work at HMT with businesses and brands in emerging markets around the world, we observe that there is a force of “democratization” that is shaping consumer aspirations quite significantly. Thus consumers who are “Strugglers” at the base of the pyramid today are exposed to trends much faster and are confident enough to demand benefits and services that earlier


Skincare Ingredients 2012 - Virtual Conference SHIFTING MARKETS, EMERGING SCIENCE, NEW FORMULAS Skin care is undoubtedly the most technologically advanced and fastest moving category in the beauty industry. In 2010 the category had an estimated value of $88bn, which is forecast to increase to a staggering $102bn by 2015. This is being fuelled by break-neck growth in emerging markets, alongside continuing


The Healthy Marketing Team Special Report entitled “How to communicate health benefits successfully with or without Health Claims” outlines rules of success for your brand. You can purchase the full presentation, including a private webinar with Peter Wennstrom for your team for £350. The full table of contents


BRIC Market Innovation Strategies

Food and beverage makers should be prepared to move away from the conventional marketing strategies when it comes to countries like India and China, a white paper from UK based Healthy Marketing Team said." - Ankush Chibber, Food Navigator-Asia The paper attempts to establish the principles that should guide Market Innovation Strategies in the BRIC particularly with respect to Health and Wellness


Wellness Article – Brand Strategy Magazine

In December 2008 Brand Strategy Magazine approached Healthy Marketing Team Managing Director and Lead Brand Strategist, Neal Cavalier-Smith to write a thought piece on the emerging Wellness Trend. In this updated version of the article Neal composed, he elaborates on the key changes impacting brands in 2009 and offers essential advice to brand owners looking to weather 2009's perfect economic storm and