Disciples of The Church of Healthy Eating

By Amanda Allvin

There is a new wave of engaged and convicted consumers, who’s purchase choices increasingly are influenced by emotional, and almost “religious” beliefs, rather than facts and rational arguments. These consumers are not only convicted that their food choices are important for their own well-beeing; they believe that they can do good by the food choices they make, and they are not afraid to preach about their convictions to others. We call these consumers the “Disciples of the Church of Healthy Eating”.

For todays consumer there are lots of taboos and “sins” to avoid when it comes to consumption. For example many ingredients must be avoided, according to the “free-from preachers”. For others a plant-based eating is the only way forwards, while at the same time one also needs to make sure that one consumes only local, organic, fairtrade and non-GMO food…

Social media is the main communication platform for these convinces consumers. Here the community of believers are constantly preaching, sharing messages and influencing each other.

But who are these “Disciples of the Church of Healthy Eating” and how can brands and companies to connect with them?

This spring HMT has engaged a dedicated research group from Lund University’s Master programme in Applied Cultrural Analysis to look into exactly this. The multinational research group consists of Max Gonen (American), Sahra Teker (Turkish), Oleg Trofimov (Russian) and Manuela Boghian (Romanian).

The aim of their research is to develop a manual with Do’s & Don’ts on the communication & marketing with these “Disciples of the Church of Healthy Eating”. How can we connect to them through their belief system? And how do we earn their longterm trust?

From left: Max Gonen, Sahra Teker, Oleg Trofimov and  Manuela Boghian