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FourFactors® of Success

The FourFactors® of Success was first introduced in the Food & Health Marketing Handbook 2003 and later refined in Wennström’s FourFactors® – how to innovate healthy brands in 2008. In 2014 our latest book The FourFactors for Growth Market Success was published.

The FourFactors® for Growth Market Success

How to Innovate Successful Brands in Growing Economies

The book explores emerging market opportunities in the food and beverage sector and outlines the key factors for launching or renovating a successful brand.

This strategic guide and practical toolbox examines the unique set of opportunities and challenges that entering an emerging market can bring. It considers the fast pace of change in consumer mindsets and expectations; the fast growth across most food and beverage categories and the increasing competition from local as well as international players.

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Wennström's FourFactors® of success

How to innovate healthy brands

A unique check-list for new product development and brand analysis that takes the guesswork out of food and health marketing. Intended for anyone involved in marketing, new product development, R&D or science commercialisation.

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Food & Health Marketing Handbook

In a competitive world how do you take your technology to market so that it’s your product that wins at the point of purchase? This Handbook tells you how to get the best out of the science and the health benefits of your ingredients or products. It uses a wealth of detailed case studies, market data and consumer research to help you create success.

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