When the game is changing
– how do you change the game?

By Peter Wennström

When nutrition merges with sustainability, when consumer health beliefs are stronger than scientific facts, when small brands are winning over big, when online takes over from instore… Will you change your game in time – or will you wait until someone changes it for you?

Ten years ago I advised Benecol’s global brand strategy based on Functional nutrition. At the time it was a merger of food and health represented by a new generation of Functional foods and driven by both consumer demand and scientific advances. The idea was that the addition of a scientifically y proven ingredient should add value to normal processed foods categories. The mission was to give consumer a complement and even an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Then a couple of years later I explored the growing free from demand together with Valio Lactose free, where the absence of an ingredient created the consumer value. This was at the start of the global free from trend and it emerged as a reaction to processed foods and what was perceived by consumers as industrial foods full of chemicals and processing additives that now were proven to be harmful for our health.

And lately I advised Oatly to take their brand away from Functional nutrition and into Sustainable nutrition, and become an ambassador for change. Health was now merging with environment concerns. There were parallel arguments for the brand where Wow No Cow related to the environmental impact of dairy and Made for Humans referred to the nutritional fact that Oat milk was better fitted to humans’ need for macronutrients than cows milk. The subsequent legal battle with the dairies became another driver for the brand and underpinned its rebel position, which attracted a loyal following of disciples described as the No Milk Generation by Oatly.

Oatly is a good example of the growing number of Gamechanger brands who have put change on their agenda and who have become an easy to chose tool for consumers to make change happen in their every day life.

Today myself and my colleagues at HMT are advising companies globally on what direction to take with their brands in a quickly changing market, where health is merging with sustainability, driven by a combination of consumer preferences, technological developments and government interventions.

The trends we have seen are now merging into a paradigm shift – a tsunami of change – where nutrition as a holistic idea has the center stage. And it boils down to a simple question – How do we feed the globe in a healthy and sustainable way? And this question in its turn leads to six critical questions for the future: about the role of Food for health and wellbeing; how we will manage our Resources; how we shall be able to Produce healthier foods to the different needs and demands of the People on this planet; what role nutrition Science will have in leading the way and finally, how Technology can enable these changes.

Each of these questions leads to a Nutrition Innovation Strategy showing how you can change your game.

About the FourFactors and the Global Gamechanger Tour:

HMT has identified six forces that are changing the game for the nutrition industry. From each of these Global Game Changers emerges a Nutrition Innovation Strategy that will help you win in tomorrow’s market place. In the Global Gamechanger Tour, Peter and his HMT colleagues will demonstrate how to win in the future market place with examples of the old vs the new way to innovate and how HMT’s unique consumer centric Brand Innovation system, the FourFactors®, will help you learn how to make the trends and consumer drivers work for your brand. Learn about the tour stops here.