Game changing trends call for Gamechanger Innovation

The global nutrition industry is in change. Driving forces such as digitization, increased consumer power, health and sustainability are radically changing the rules of play. The need for innovation has never been greater, but how do you work successfully and long-term with innovation in an environment that is changing faster than ever? What trends are relevant and which can be dismissed?

Monitoring and interpreting trends is both necessary and difficult for any player in the food, beverage and nutrition industry. Companies need to discover what is affecting consumers’ priorities and preferences and question how this will challenge and change their value chain.

We at Healthy Marketing Team have identified six fundamental change agents which are driving the nutrition transformation:

HMT’s Global Gamechangers

  1. 1. Food  for health & wellbeing
  2. 2. People are getting more and older
  3. 3. Resources are getting scarce
  4. 4. Production with natural and transparent processes
  5. 5. Science for a smarter future
  6. 6. Technology empowering consumers

These game changers are major drivers of change and will challenge many of the current industry truths. But, more importantly, they are opportunities for those who learn to leverage them.

Gamechangers create game changing trends

Game changers manifest themselves as trends, or more specifically as Game Changing Trends. These trends are what you really should be looking out for. They are reshaping the nutrition market as we speak and they for sure imply the greatest business opportunities of the future. Examples of gamechanging trends are ‘plant-based‘ and ‘personalisation‘. What these have in common is that they are manifestations of a combination of several of the Global Gamechangers, and thus that is what separate them from hyped-up, but short lived trends.

Game changing trends call for Gamechanger Innovation

So back to the initial questions: how do you work successfully and long-term with innovation in a changing era?

Based on the six Global Gamechangers we have developed six Strategies for Innovation in a time of change.

Strategies for Innovation

  1. 1. Active Nutrition
  2. 2. Lifestage Nutrition
  3. 3. Sustainable Nutrition
  4. 4. Natural Nutrition
  5. 5. Targeted Nutrition
  6. 6. i-Nutrition

These strategies form, together with the Global Gamechangers the foundation of our innovation methodology Gamechanger Innovation.

How do you play the game when the game is changing

Gamechanger Innovation is an effective and concrete innovation approach which is based on the understanding of where your brand is playing today and if you’re playing the game or have to change the game?

Based on HMT’s FourFactors® Brand Accelaration System, we connect relevant gamechanging trends and drivers to your brand competence and competition, creating highly relevant and competitive innovation springboards and concepts. The methodology has been validated during successful innovation projects during this year, and we are now happy to introduce it as part of HMT’s official offering!

So what do you say?  Are you ready to change the game?

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