Podcast: Peter Wennström on The Global Gamechangers shaping Local Health Trends

Peter was invited to be a guest on the WHAKA Wellbeing Podcast, where he talked about how the game is changing for the nutrition industry and that the change is actually coming from the younger consumers who bring about a paradigm shift in how we view sustainability and nutrition. The podcast connects directly to HMT’s Global Gamechangers 2019 Trend Report but for the historical perspective Peter also describes the beginnings functional foods and the dilemma of how to communicate health to consumers and how the underlying conflict between nutrition and medicine has influenced the regulatory systems and the mind set of many companies.

If you are interested in learning more about what is happening in the health & food world just hit the play button.

 Global Gamechanger Trend Report 2019.

This trend report will not only show you WHAT is happening in the world of food and health but also WHY it is happening by understanding the consumer motivations behind the trends and finally HOW you can make the trends work for your brand innovation.