Brand new trend report: Gamechanging Trends 2018

ExpoWest in Anaheim, California has been described as the world’s largest exhibition of organic and natural products. This year we attended the fair and based on our observations we identified twelve health trends, that each stem from one of our six Global Gamechangers! These lay the foundation for our latest trend report Gamechanging Trends 2018.

We all know the feeling after a trend presentation: “Exciting but… What trend is right for us? And how do we leverage the trends?“. Based on our observations at Expo West we have put together a trend report with trend insight and inspring examples. But we don’t stop there. 

In our trend report we will not only tell you WHAT is happening, but also WHY it is happening and most importantly HOW you can make it happen for you brand!

Twelve trends & six global gamechangers

We at HMT have identified six Global Gamechangers that are the driving forces to what is happening in today’s nutrition industry. These will tell you WHY things are happening. In connection to each of these gamechangers we identified twelve corresponding trends at this year’s Expo West:

  • – Good Energy
  • – Mental Power
  • – Water with a Twist
  • – Combatting Allergies
  • – Female Empowerment
  • – Clean Conscience Eating
  • – Plant Power
  • – It’s Alive
  • – “Edible” Personal Care
  • – Have it Your way
  • – Microbiome Balance
  • – Sugar Buster

These trends are all explained and exemplified in our brand new trend report: “Gamechanging Trends 2018”. Download the Executive Summary here, or get the full report by connecting with

Make it happen for your brand with the FourFactors®

Which of these trends that will be relevant to you and your brand will depend on your Brand Innovation Space. Because in order to be successful with your innovation you need to understand:

  1. 1. Where are you playing?  
  2. 2. Where do you want to go?
  3. 3. How to get there?

An effective way to achieve this is to apply our FourFactors® toolbox, which is the globally leading system for consumer centric innovation in food and health. Would you like to get a free introduction to the FourFactors® toolbox and Gamechanger Innovation? Contact Amanda at to schedule a free session with your regional HMT Expert Consultant.

Get the report

Download the Executive Summary here. Would you like to receive the trend report? Just email Zuzana at to get a free copy of the report “When the game is changing – How to you change the game”.