HMT Start-up Training in Singapore

Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region and the competition amongst brands is hotting up more than ever to innovate and lure consumers with their changing needs. Therefore, HMT is coming to Singapore to support start-ups in a 1-day workshop and we interviewed Deepak, our HMT consultant and coordinator of the event.

Why have you decided to organise the training?

As mentioned above, Asia Pacific is becoming a rich area for new business creation and innovation. Despite best of intent, 80% of new product launches fail within the first 12 months. This is where the opportunity lies for brands & companies to embrace HMT’s FourFactors® Brand Acceleration System which has been proven to enhance success rate of Innovations in over 60 countries across 6 continents. A lot of time and resources are spent for every new Innovation and the reason for me to organise this training in the region is to help organisations get best return on investment of their efforts towards innovation in this competitive world, through HMT’s  proven tool kit.

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Why are you focusing on start-ups?

Asia Pacific region has seen a huge spurt of start-ups with some fantastic offerings, meeting today’s consumers’ needs. And start-ups need this training even more so, as they operate on very thin budgets and any risk of failure can wipe them out, as they cannot sustain lack of sales. Through HMT’s FourFactors® Brand Acceleration System, we want to train the Start-ups get it right and signficantly increase their chances of succeeding in the market-place.

Why is the FourFactors tool useful for the companies?

HMT’s FourFactors® Brand Acceleration System, a step by step framework for consumer and brand driven innovation, enables companies towards a successful choice of strategy, brand positioning and brand execution. Further, this helps companies to make better decisions & achieve better targeted innovations faster to market.

Where can the companies register for the event?

Companies can directly contact ‘‘ for registering for the event in Asia Pacific region. The event will take place in Singapore either at the end of May or mid-June, the exact date is still being arranged. Reach out to Deepak in order to stay updated.