Healthy Marketing Team 2019 Gamechanger Trend Report

World leading agency for brand innovation in the food and nutrition industry, the international agency Healthy Marketing Team, is on a global tour to help open-minded nutrition companies to see and adapt to a completely new reality. Just in time for the show Health Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt, HMT presents the outline of the 2019 Global Gamechanger trend report.

The title of the report – Global Gamechangers– refers to mega trends, the global trends HMT has seen that are now merging into a shift, a tsunami of change, where nutrition as a holistic idea has the center stage. And it boils down to a simple question – How do we feed the globe in a healthy and sustainable way? And this question in its turn leads to six critical questions for the future: about the role of Food for health and wellbeing; how the Resources will be managed; how to Produce healthier foods to the different needs and demands of the People on this planet; what role nutrition Science will have in leading the way and finally, how Technology can enable these changes. Each of these questions leads to a Nutrition Innovation Strategy showing the way forward.

“The Global Gamechangers are major drivers that challenge many of our current beliefs in the industry”, says HMT Founder Peter Wennström. “They reach worldwide in impact and are forcing businesses in the nutrition industry to respond with new strategies in order to remain in the game. But for those who learn how to leverage these drivers there are vast opportunities in the market-place. Probably the first important step is to stop thinking food and beverages – and instead, think nutrition!”

The report describes 19 trends connected to the Global Gamechangers and illustrates these with products and brand examples. But in order to better understand how to leverage the trends for brand innovation, the report introduces The Gamechanger Consumers– the trend setters, whose trust you must win for your brand. This is a result of HMT ConsumerLab’s research cooperation with the University of Lund on the early adopter consumers “who will change everything”. The report will introduce the 4 different profiles of the early adopters with Do’s & Don’ts for how to bond with them through developing the right brand story.

This is also the reason why the report takes a closer look at some of the Gamechanger Brands. To understand the impact of trends on current business, it is critical to understand the role of Gamechanger Brands, who see it as their mission to change the game and bond with the Gamechanger consumer. The report gives examples of how they connect to a specific Innovation Strategy and bond with a specific Early Adopter Consumer segment.

Why a trend report from Healthy Marketing Team?

“We think it is not efficient enough to deliver a list of the new hot trends if you don’t know how to use them for your business. Therefore, this trend report will not only show you WHAT is happening in the world of food and health but also WHY it is happening by understanding the consumer motivations behind the trends and finally HOW you can make the trends work for your brand innovation.

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Healthy Marketing Team, HMT, is a private consulting company, founded 2008 in London and since 2018 with its head quarter in Malmö, Sweden. The company now has a permanent representation in Malmö (Greater Copenhagen), London and Singapore – and a growing network of global FourFactors® partners in Finland, Brazil and latest USA. HMT has been working with nutrition clients in more than 60 countries. The main product, Four Factors® Brand Acceleration System, has been developed since nearly twenty years and is today established as the leading method for consumer and brand centric innovation for food, beverages, supplements and food ingredients. The method and approach are unique and has, so far, been trademarked in more than 35 countries.