Innovation thirst, beverage trends & awarded innovations

On March 13, we at Healthy Marketing Team arranged an afterwork seminar together with Skåne Food Innovation Network in Malmö, Sweden.  The theme for the afterwork was beverage innovation and during the afternoon we discussed how the beverage market has changed through history, how it is changing today and most importantly how it will change in the future.

Amanda Allvin from Healthy Marketing Team shared a beverage trend spotting on what is hot right now. One of the trends shared was the alcohol-free trend.

– In 2017, sales of beer and cider with alcoholic strength less than 1.2% increased by 30%, and consumers are especially demanding craft style non-alcoholic beverages, Amanda said.

A brilliant example of a successful alcohol-free drink is of course Kombucha that also is leveraging the great fermentation trend.

– Today drinks should be alive! Amanda explained.

Other beverage trends are the plant milk trend, the “snackify drinks” trend and, of course, the health trend; today drinks can help us get healthier.

The afterwork was completed with a star-studded collection of innovative and trendy Swedish beverage companies. Among the six companies represented, HMT had worked with three of them! These were Oatly, the plant-based wildfire that for the moment is taking US by storm, thanks to it’s brilliant brand positioning (learn more here), the “Swedish sugar buster” Good Idea which lowers blood sugar spikes after meals, and then our most recent client the start-up Veg of Lund.

Veg of Lund is for the moment launching it’s very first product My Foodie, which last week was awarded Best Convenience Food at World Food Innovation Awards!

– We are so proud of My Foodie and Veg of Lund. This award is a huge global validation for the brand, says Peter Wennström, Healthy Marketing Team.

Veg of Lund’s brand strategy and positioning has been developed by HMT, and the creative execution with pack design, web design, etc. has been carried out by HMT Creative & Becktor&Wennström.

If you are interested in HMT’s afterwork seminars, or our trend and creative work, contact Amanda Allvin: 
Sampling of My Foodie by Veg of Lunch and Good Idea
Amanda Allvin and Felicia Wennström = 2/3 of HMT Creative