Meet HMT at Vitafoods Asia where we will
answer your most important question

By Peter Wennström

As you might have seen in our recent blog we believe that The time is right for Asia! But to become successful, the most important question you must ask is “How to bring your Innovations to Market?”

This is the first question we will adress at Vitafoods Asia in Singapore on September 5 in our Marketing Strategy Masterclass where we will show you how FourFactors® Innovation, with the strategic analysis of your Consumer, Competition, Competence and Culture, will help you chose the right market entry strategy and a strong brand position.

This leads to the second question “Do you have the right Innovation culture to win?” which connects to a deeper understanding of what causes innovation success or failure. We will adress this topic at the Vitafoods Innovation Theatre on September 5 where we will speak on the topic If culture eats strategy for breakfast – then how shall you digest innovation?

Then we will welcome you to our stand (B32) in the Industry Advice Center where you will be able to Analyse Your Personal Innovation Profile and discuss how to bring Your Innovations To Market More Successfully!

Meet us there or book a separate meeting already now! Just respond to this email and we will get in touch to set up a time.

We look forward to hearing from you! And of course to see you in Singapore.

PS. If you can’t wait or won’t be at Vitafoods Asia we recommend you to look at our latest book on the topic of healthy innovation success “FourFactors for Growth Market Success