The HMT Team

Your international taskforce for healthier brands and healthier business

Experts in food & health innovation, marketing and branding

The Healthy Marketing Team is a group of internationally experienced consultants who are experts in food & health innovation, marketing and branding. We are a truly cross-cultural team with members from America, Asia and Europe. Our collective experience comes from years in developing winning strategies and propositions for top-level companies, both suppliers and brands owners, around the globe. Together with our network of partners we provide end-to-end solutions to our clients needs.

Peter Wennström - Founder & Senior Consultant

Peter is the founder and lead consultant at HMT. With over 25 years of experience in international brand management and consultancy in nutrition, health and wellness, he set up HMT in 2007 with the mission to bring healthier brands and healthier business to its customers in the global nutrition industry.

Peter is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in food and health marketing. He has authored several books and industry guides on the subject, including the latest FourFactors® for Growth Market Success book with the combined experiences of HMT’s senior consultants.

Aurore de Monclin - Chief Operating Officer & Senior Consultant

With over 15 years of experience in healthy marketing, and having worked in more than 20 countries from US to Kazakhstan, leading brand positioning and innovation projects for medical nutrition, food, beverage and ingredient clients, Aurore brings global perspective and practical expertise on how to unterstand customers’ health needs and develop better targeted brands, faster to market.

She developed a passion for nutrition, health & wellness as Innovation Manager at Nestle, working on strategic initiatives to deliver the company’s Health & Wellness Ambition for the UK market. Aurore holds a Masters Degree in Food Science Management and Marketing from the leading global food institute Agro Paristech.

Wendela Wennström - Communication Officer & Insight Consultant

Wendela Wennström is our Communication Officer and Insight Consultant with strengths in project management and content. She works, among other projects, on the HMT Consumer Lab, our think tank where researchers supported by industry professionals blend fresh new research with proven market strategies. Besides that, she adds a specialty within Strategic Communication and PR to the team coming from her Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Communication at Lund University, and her background and experience from the Press Office at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. During her studies at Lund University, she was also the president of Scandinavia’s leading forum for speech and debate – Studentafton. She is passionate about the goodness of a plant-based diet and she is constantly tapping into areas connected to natural health such as probiotics or homeopathy.

Ida Mao - Insight Consultant

Ida is a cultural analyst and designer with a background in cultural analysis, UX design and psychology, however, she would rather call herself an explorer, creator and dot-connector stimulated by people, ideas and culture.

She is passionate about finding patterns, discovering unmet needs and analyzing the big picture. This can be traced back to a full shelf of detective novels she has been reading since she can remember. Facilitated with a multi-disciplinary background and various working experience, she is bringing the insights to evidence-based innovation.

Apart from the analytical mind, her creativity adds a frisky touch to her work. Over 10 years of painting has made visual thinking her second language for communication. And now she has extended her canvas to branding, marketing and digital platforms.

Zuzana Hruba - Insight Consultant

With a master in Health & Food Innovation Management from Maastricht University, Zuzana’s expertise lies within food legislation, nutrition and food innovation. Originally from Czech Republic, Zuzana has experience from living in different countries and markets, including Netherlands, Sweden and New York City.

Moreover, Zuzana is increadibly creative. Her creative soul is reflected in her passion for taking professional pictures, creating videos and using all of this for her lifestyle blog. Apart from keeping up with the new trends and innovations on the market, she is also addicted to fitness and likes to relax by trying out new recipes.

Per Sundelin - Senior Consultant

With international marketing and sales experience that stretches across FMCG, B2B and consultancy roles in 6 continents, Per has accumulated solid experience and understanding in how to build brands that achieve set business goals.

For over 20 years he has worked with high performing Brands such as Marabou / Kraft Foods, Carlsberg, Saatchi&Saatchi and Tetra Pak, focusing on building brand equity, understanding the brand purpose and mobilising the entire team.

Per believes that food and beverage is the universal forum for meetings and interaction between people. Providing so much more than the fuel for energy; it is the foundation for fun, inspiration and new experiences!

Deepak Gunvante - Expert Consultant

Deepak has had the opportunity to improve lives of over a billion consumers in the Asia Pacific region through Innovation in the field of Foods & Nutrition during three decades of his R&D career, working with Unilever, GSK Consumer Healthcare and General Mills. His expert domain knowledge is in Consumer insight based Innovation, Nutrition claims & Regulatory affairs.

Deepak has been instrumental in driving significant Innovation-led growth of the brands he was associated with through differentiated product & claim propositions. He is well networked with key opinion leaders in Nutrition & Regulatory community and has been a regular content contributor & speaker at key international forums

Deepak is passionate about fitness & healthy eating. He enjoys running marathons and is a performance coach for leading healthcare organizations.

Felicia Wennström - Junior Strategist & Creative Director

Felicia’s expertise spans from benchmarking of trends & conceptualisation of ideas, to copy writing and social media marketing. Her creativity and ambitions come well at hand as part of our HMT Creative team, where she is  is responsible for creative directions and content creation.

Holding a BA in Marketing Communication from California Lutheran University, Felicia has been working as PR and marketing manager for restaurants, online magazines, and clothing brands in USA. She also worked as Creative Project Manager at Oatly and founded the creative design agency Becktor/Wennström.

Felicia is a strong believer that food marketing and branding is much more than just a product on a shelf. Just as every person has their own unique story to tell so does the product.

Bel Lavratti - Senior Consultant

Bel Lavratti is a creative strategist helping people and brands define, plan, and build their purpose. As HMT Senior Consultant, she helps our clients get clarity on their strategic direction, define action plans for their brands, and tell their stories confidently.

With over 15 years of experience in marketing, she has a background in the creative and cultural industries and brings a unique skill set to our team.

Bel was born and raised Brazilian but became a citizen of the world after living in 5 different countries and learning 3 languages (working on one more now). Currently based in Switzerland, she is our main bridge with our LATAM clients and partners.

She has co-authored the e-book The FourFactors® for Growth Market Success, contributing with her learnings from her work in Latin America.

Bel is passionate about helping projects that matter get the voice they deserve.

Verity Clifton - Senior Consultant

Verity is a senior Marketing and Insight professional with extensive experience across food, drink and healthcare categories working with blue chip FMCG brands such as Horlicks, Lucozade and Ribena. She is an enthusiastic, results driven leader with a proven track record in strategic development of brands, innovation and commercial brand planning. Verity brings a good understanding of the challenges facing client organisations and the opportunities to grow brands and businesses through innovation.

For Verity, food plays a key role in caring for yourself and others – both physically through good nutrition but equally as importantly for nurturing the soul through family dinners, friends get – togethers, nights out and new experiences – even if she is a self-proclaimed rubbish cook!

Rolf Bjerndell - Chairman

Rolf is one of Sweden’s sharpest minds when it comes to bringing food innovation and new brands into commercial successes. He is also a Board member of Oatly, and a driving force behind the company’s new brand strategy (that was developed together with HMT), Brämhults, OTTO, Berries by Astrid, Almi and Probi (Proviva), and former CEO of Skånemejerier where his collaboration with Peter Wennström started in connection to the ProViva project.

Wherever Rolf Bjerndell has set his foot during his long career he’s been involved in change. Either in managing change caused by deregulation and changing market conditions or driving change himself as leader, board member or business angel.

Max Gonen - Insight Consultant

Max Gonen is a Cultural Analyst from Chicago, IL with a background in Communications and Gender Studies where he focused on identity and spectatorship to answer questions like; how does the media we consume help us form and sustain our self image?

His professional background producing and designing large scale events allowed him to develop a keen aesthetic eye and the ability to quickly understand visual trends; to see how color, texture, and shape have their own languages and how to use them to tell a great story.

He currently specialises in researching digital cultures; specifically around sports nutrition and supplementation.

Thanyathorn Wognitchakul - Insight Consultant

Thanya holds a master degree in Health Food Innovation Management and has an experience in clinical nutrition, particularly diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

With the combination of notions in health sciences and food business, she has a great insight of how to find the sweet spot between consumer needs and food markets.  She specifically focuses on consumer behaviour research, trend analysis and cultural-oriented products, especially within the Asian market. She is particularly interested in the area of plant-based products, with a focus on the dairy-alternative market where she has done an extensive research.

Thanya is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. After living and travelling in different European countries, she is able to connect the dots between Western and Eastern consumer products.

She is passionate to help people to improve their life through healthy food products, while having sustainable wellbeing. Thanya believes it is important to respect different cultures and backgrounds in order to win consumers’ mind.