Meet us in Frankfurt at Health Ingredients Europe!

How to make the health trends work for your innovation!

Meet us on November 27th- 29th at booth #8H23 to receive an introduction to the FourFactors® – the globally leading tool for consumer centric innovation in nutrition, health & wellness, and the 6 Global Gamechangers driving the present and future of the nutrition industry.

We at HMT have identified six forces that are changing the game for the nutrition industry. From each of these Global Game Changers emerges a Nutrition Innovation Strategy that will help you win in tomorrow’s market place. This year at HiE Peter and the HMT team will demonstrate how to Successfully Market Healthy Finished Products!

You can participate by:

1. Attending one of our free FourFactors® mini-masterclasses (30 min) to learn how the get Better Targeted Innovations Faster to Market at the following times:

Nov 27.     11:00     13:00      15:00

Nov 28.     11:00     13:00      15:00

Nov 29.     11:00     13:00      15:00

2. Booking a free one-to-one consultation with one of our Innovation & Marketing experts on sight to get a personalized FourFactors® Health check of your brand & innovation concept. Book your slot in advance with

3. You can also use this opportunity to discover our 2019 Gamechanger Report, and talk with it’s creators to find out how your brand fits in, and how you can connect with the consumer of the future.

Our Innovation & Marketing experts on sight will be:

Peter Wennström: The founder of HMT & the FourFactors®, with over 25 years of experience in international brand management & consultancy in nutrition, health and wellness

Aurore de Monclin: Senior Consultant at HMT, with extensive experience leading consumer-led Innovations for food, beverage and ingredient brands across the Globe.

Felicia Wennström: Marketing & creative execution specialist, who’s expertise spans from benchmarking of trends & conceptualisation of ideas to social media marketing.

In the meantime if you’d like to immerse yourself in HMT’s global Gamechangners and how they are manifested, you can view  last years Global Gamechangers report here