Nutrition market consultancies join forces to accelerate
consumer-centric innovation for the Nordic market

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Two Nordic-based agencies within the market of food, nutrition and health – the Healthy Marketing Team and Invenire Market Intelligence Oy – join forces to accelerate consumer-centric innovation. Together their purpose is to run a collaborative program of masterclasses and workshops in the Nordic region, based on the FourFactors® model. The first co-hosted FourFactors® Masterclass by the Healthy Marketing Team and Invenire takes place in Finland this August/September at Invenire’s new co-creation space at Wiurila Manor in Finland.

“The need for consumer-centric thinking is becoming more important than ever. Consumers are an increasingly active part of the value chain, instead of being only the passive last link. Personalised nutrition is an example of the trust and power shifts occurring within society and affecting the food industry. Proven tools like The FourFactors® are a great benefit for business leaders to maintain clarity and foster creativity on the path towards success. Most importantly it secures putting consumers at the centre of a brand, which in business terms means easier sales, explains Strategist Virpi Varjonen from Invenire Market Intelligence Oy on the objectives of the collaboration.

For Finnish customers Wiurila Manor provides an attractive setting for creative thinking and effective working, to enhance the benefits of the FourFactors® model. Further roll-out of the program will continue in other Nordic countries – Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

“The FourFactors® has been used by the Healthy Marketing Team in innovation and branding projects in more than 60 countries for over 10 years – including companies like Nestlé and Tetra Pak. The collaboration with Invenire is the first step in our international strategy to establish partnerships based on The FourFactors® with leading regional agencies. Our collaboration with Invenire also significantly strengthens our Nordic team and brings in new competences that will also benefit our international clients.”, explains Founder and CEO Peter Wennström from the Healthy Marketing Team on their ambitions to better serve the customers in the Nordic markets, as well as globally.

Vitafoods Europe 2018 – Meet the Nordic FourFactors® team!

The Healthy Marketing Team and Invenire Market Intelligence Oy will be available at Vitafoods Europe 2018 in Geneva on May 15-17:

Peter Wennström from the Healthy Marketing Team will be presenting on Tuesday 15th of May 11:00 at Vitafoods Centre Stage “Driving successful innovation in an era of change” where the FourFactors® model will be introduced.

Virpi Varjonen from Invenire Market Intelligence Oy will be judging at NutraIngredients Awards 2018 and will be attending the Awards Dinner on Wednesday 16th of May.

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The FourFactors®
Since 2004, the FourFactors®, developed by Peter Wennström, has been an easy consumer-centric tool to map, develop and position successful brands within food, nutrition and health. It works well for enhancing and extending current brands and portfolios, as well as designing and innovating totally new brands. The FourFactors® is based on consumer insights and key decision factors at the point of purchase. The method has been implemented in internal global training programs by companies like Nestlé and Tetra Pak and has been used by the Healthy Marketing Team in innovation and branding projects in more than 60 countries across 6 continents.


About the Healthy Marketing Team
Founded in 2007, the Healthy Marketing Team is today the leading global brand strategy and innovation consultancy for the global nutrition industry, with expert consultants in Sweden, London and Singapore.  Since its foundation HMT has been working with food, beverage and supplement clients across more than 60 countries on 6 continents. HMT is the home of the FourFactors®, a consumer centric co-innovation toolbox, based on 20 years of best practices in food & health marketing, that is applied both in consulting and interactive training modules. HMTs mission is to help its clients create healthier brands and healthier business.
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About Invenire Market Intelligence Oy
Invenire Market Intelligence Oy has been working with global and local clients in the food, nutrition and related markets since 2003. Working as the “& Co” partner to business leaders, Invenire’s business facilitation approach helps leaders think, create, connect and act to design and deliver better human-centric and sustainable systems, services and products. Invenire believes business has the power to better serve the goals of happier people and a healthier planet.
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