Singapore Masterclass, September 10:
Choosing the right nutrition innovation strategy for Asia

As an official pre-Vitafoods Asia event the international brand strategy and innovation consultancy HMT will demonstrate how to win in tomorrow’s market place in Asia, in a FourFactors® Masterclass on the 10th of September.

FourFactors® creator and HMT founder Peter Wennstrom, one of the world’s leading experts in food and health innovation and marketing, will together with his team of marketing and innovation experts bring you an understanding of how you can be the winner in the future landscape for food and health in Asia.

In this FourFactors® Masterclass, you’ll gain insight and understanding of the global game-changing strategies in food & health, and the big global shifts that are changing consumer behaviours. You’ll also, in an interactive way, learn the FourFactors® tool and how to utilise it, equipping you to leverage these trends – and create innovation strategies that work!

Date: 10th September
Time: 10.30-16.30
Place: Pan Pacific, Singapore
Cost: SGD 300 (For group discounts please contact
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10.30 -12.00
The Nutrition Game is changing. How do you change your game?
HMT founder Peter Wennstrom will introduce the six global game changers that will reshape the nutrition industry. HMT has identified six forces that are changing the game for the nutrition industry. From each of these Global Game Changers emerges a Nutrition Innovation Strategy that will help you win in tomorrow’s market place.


13.00 – 14.30
How to get better-targeted innovations?
Introduction of the FourFactors®, the globally leading tool for consumer centric innovation in nutrition, health and wellness. In this interactive session, HMT Senior marketing consultant Per Sundelin, will lead you in an interactive session, where you will learn how to analyze trends, select market entry strategy and position your brand.


How to make the health trends work for your Asian brand?
Case studies from the Asian market where HMT expert Nutrition Innovation Consultant Deepak Gunvante, will share his vast experience of what factors that bring success and failure for the launch of an Asian nutrition brand. Deepak will demonstrate the need for consumer insight driven innovation underpinned by claims and regulatory affairs.


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