“Successful innovation starts & ends with the consumer”
Meet Deepak Gunvante

By Amanda Allvin

We are happy to introduce and welcome Deepak Gunvante as the newest member of HMT’s global taskforce. Deepak brings three decades of experience within the Food & Nutrition innovation field from Unilever, GSK Consumer Healthcare and General Mills. Deepak is joining HMT as an Expert Consultant and our partner for India. Moreover, he will be our main point of contact within the Asia Pacific region.

Let’s get to know Deepak a little bit better with the following interview:

Welcome to the team Deepak. So first of all, why did you choose to join HMT?
All through my 3 decades of career in Foods & Nutrition R&D, I have worked very closely with marketing colleagues to translate science & technology to improve lives of over a billion consumers in Asia Pacific region through the brands I was directly associated with.

Healthy Marketing Team has similar motto and is a great platform to continue my endeavor of making a positive difference to the consumers in India and this region.

Looking at your experience and background, what important contributions are you bringing to our clients?
I bring expertise in the areas of consumer insight based innovation, differentiated claim propositions and efficient innovation processes. Moreover I have a great network of experts and key opinion leaders in this field & I am sure that we together will be able to help our clients build long-term innovation pipelines.

How do you define successful innovation?
Successful innovation starts & ends with the consumer. It starts based on a key consumer insight, draws in the best science/technology/supply chain solution to meet the same in an efficient and cost effective way, and finally the product proposition provides consumer delight.

What do you see as the most important questions for the global food and beverage industry?
I believe that there are two key questions:

  • 1. How can the industry play a more responsible role for a healthier tomorrow?

Especially with the ‘double burden’ of obesity and undernutrition and with increasing sedentary and stressful lifestyles. How can the industry play a more responsible role through the right products right communication.

  • 2. How can we increase the success rate of innovation?

Everyone recognizes the fact that innovation is key to sustained growth. However, the success rate of innovation in the industry is low. With so much of efforts and resources going into innovation, how can the success rate be increased?

What do you see as the most important growth opportunities in the Asia Pacific area, and India in particular?
The opportunities stem straight out of the previous question. Consumers are increasingly becoming health conscious. However, there is a gap in many organizations to understand the insights and to deliver compelling proposition to consumers. This is a significant opportunity in the region, and even more relevant for India.

Increasing innovation success rate is an enormous opportunity for corporates and SME’s alike. Addressing this through enabling clients to use the right strategy, right brand positioning and clear compelling communication is a big need and opportunity. Again, this need is more accentuated in Indian market.

One of our new APAC offering is the HMT One Stop Asia; what is that?
Our One Stop service for APAC is a unique offering in this region, as far as I know. It provides APAC clients the option of end-to-end service from innovation experts.

The service include everything from assessing the market space and crafting entry strategy, then identifying consumer insight & generating concepts, developing compelling and science based consumer propositions and finally, for an impactful launch, training of sales staff and leveraging key opinion leaders’ supporting the science.

(Learn more about the One Stop Service here)

What is it greatest benefit of the One Stop Asia service?
There are 2 big benefits the client gets here:

  • 1. It is end-to-end innovation with continuity from HMT, enabling the client to have significantly higher success rate with their innovation.
  • 2. Both marketing and scientific industry experts from HMT will be working synergistically, ensuring the right strategy and positioning for the brand backed by substantiated science that clicks with the consumers.

What are your expectations for 2018?
My expectations from 2018 is to generate significant demand for our One Stop service in India and APAC. I want to develop the region with foot-print beyond Singapore, to other neighboring countries, and get our business buzzing with activity, serving our unique proposition to clients for the benefit of end-consumers.

Get in touch with Deepak to learn more about APAC opportunities and HMT’s One Stop Asia service:

Email:   deepak@thehmt.com
Tel:        +65 967 25 291
Skype:   deepak.gunvante