Akzo Nobel B2B Brand & Portfolio Repositioning:
From Technology to Value Proposition

Download the case study pdf here: Akzo Nobel – From Technology to Customer Value Proposition

The Challenge

Akzo Nobel had developed a new sodium reduction technology that incorporated a huge number of added value benefits for the customer. Key benefits were for example guaranteed consistency, reliability and processing behaviour, health and taste benefits and compliance with sodium reduction guidelines. So how to successfully position this technology in the market place, without drowning in all the potential attributes and benefits? How to establish OneGrain® Proposition with a unique differentiator and make it relevant to different customer segments.

The Approach

HMT conducted a detailed Brand Positioning Blueprint to crystallise OneGrain® unique story and differentiator. The FourFactors® Analysis also identified different customer segments and clarified the need that could drive the value of the new OneGrain® technology.

The Solution

From the analysis it was clear that One Grain®’s main benefit was that it reduces complexity for the brand owner. In addition, AkzoNobel brought technical know-how and support to bring the focus to the application level rather than the product itself.

“Reducing Sodium the Easy Way” became the OneGrain®’s new tagline, which explains the overarching motivating story with a clear Benefit. With this as a foundation a portfolio was developed, tailored to the needs of the different customer segments

The Results

The clear positioning, B2B Segmentation Strategy and sharpened communication enabled OneGrain® team to market their solution with confidence:

– OneGrain® has proven to be a reliable solution for the complex sodium reduction challenge
– Multiple multinational food producers are today using OneGrain® on global scale
– Taste guarantee, product shelf life guarantee, complexity reduction, and consumer preference were the basis for the success
– Tailoring the solution to customer needs and application is the power of OneGrain®

HMT made us discover and verbalize the right brand position ourselves.”

Tom van Zeeburg
Business Development Manager OneGrain®

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Download the case study pdf here: Akzo Nobel – From Technology to Customer Value Propostion