Raimbek Brand Direction:
Differentiating nutrition in a growing economy

Download the case study pdf here:Download the case study pdf here: Raimbeck – Differentiating Nutrition in a Growing Economy

The Challenge

In 2011, Raimbek Bottlers launched ‘Juicy Junior’. This was a new approach to juice in Kazakhstan. The main message was targeting the mums with a fruit goodness and no added sugar message. Even though the product was fantastic, the company knew its performance could be improved.

The challenge was to understand the winning rules to create a new segment in the Juice Category dedicated to kids and trusted by the Local Mums.

The Approach

Healthy Marketing Team was brought in to sharpen Junior’s positioning and communications. We trained Raimbek on our FourFactors® methodology and conducted workshops to review their portfolio.

The Solution

HMT unravelled what local Mums wanted to change about the category which would make the new offer truly motivating for them.

FourFactors® Methodology was used to sharpen the Ingredient-Benefit Story and ensure Raimbek would strike the right balance between convincing mum and engaging kids.

The Results

A new Pack design with the Right Factors of Motivation and Permission for both Mums and Kids along with a New Engaging TVC was developed.

Within a year the sales jumped to 200% Sales Growth and the Margin doubled.

“I want to thank you for all positive impact made by you for our products and your kind support with uncompromising professionalism.”

Sergey Polukhin, Managing Director, Raimbek Bottlers

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Download the case study pdf here: Raimbeck – Differentiating Nutrition in a Growing Economy