Brand Repositioning:
The Only Good Animal Probiotics Brand

Download the case study pdf here: AnimalProbioticsAB – ProEquoAB – Case Study by HMT

The Background: A pioneer in Animal Probiotics

The Swedish company ProEquo AB is an offspring of the probiotic ingredient company Probi AB whose research led to the successful Swedish probiotic functional fruit drink: ProViva® and its sibling GoodBelly in the US. The functionality and success of the probiotic product was based on the identification of the right probiotic strain from a healthy human. Ph.D. Clas Lönner, one of the researchers behind ProViva®, realised the opportunity of applying the same principle even for animal health, took over the animal probiotic research from Probi AB, and launched a probiotic supplement for horses, which has been marketed under the ProEquo brand name for over 10 years (Equo = latin for horse).

The Challenge: Clarify Brand Strategy for international growth

Spurred by the probiotic trend among humans, ProEquo AB was preparing to launch its first probiotic product for dogs (ProCane®), as well as cats (ProFele®). Before the launch of new products, the company felt the need to clarify its Brand Strategy, as well as to develop a Brand positioning with international potential. Even though the name synergies between the new ProCane/ProFele brands and the old ProEquo brand were strong, the target audiences differed fundamentally. The more “professional” horse owners/breeders vs. the more “emotional” consumer driven pet market. It was also clear that a new Masterbrand replacing ProEquo AB was needed that could incorporate dogs and cats.

The Approach: FourFactors® Brand Positioning process helped to find the identity for a new master brand

The first step was to create a new master brand and company name – Animal Probiotics Sweden AB – that could take leadership of the category and act as an umbrella for the new range as well as possible future product lines. The second step was to create a consumer brand that would attract the new “lifestyle” pet owners and help to position the new range of animal probiotic products based on the differentiating scientific foundation expressed by the founder: “the right probiotics for the right species”.

The Solution: OnlyGood

With storytelling based on the founder’s vision we distilled his manifesto and made him central in uniting the brand, as the probiotic expert guru he is. Through the company Ph.D Lönner seeks to change the way we understand the cause of illnesses and the root of sustainable health, by helping us understand that daily use of the Right probiotics can do wonders for our animal’s health – from the inside and out!, and that the solution to this is to give your animal OnlyGood daily species specific probiotics – For dogs from dogs/For cats from cats/For horses from horses.

The Creative Challenge: Make the company trustable, the science accessible and the brand loveable

The role of the new company and Masterbrand name: Animal Probiotics Sweden AB, is to generate trust and to be the source of the scientific education that would help to differentiate the loveable product brands OnlyGoodDog®, OnlyGoodHorse® and OnlyGoodCat®. We began with the story of Animal Probiotics = The Right probiotic bacteria are the bacteria that is species specific to the animal, and therefore/naturally does Only Good. To tap further into the lifestyle of the consumers and their animals we realized we had to become a natural part of daily life for the owners. I.e. become the first company to educate and focus on the daily wellbeing of one’s dog, cat or horse and how that correlates with the owners well-being, and how thereby the products can increase the quality of life for both the animals and its humans.

The Result: From Brand Strategy to Market Launch in 6 weeks time

With the new Master Brand Positioning Blueprint and Brand Architecture the new brands OnlyGoodDog®, OnlyGoodHorse® and OnlyGoodCat® entered the creative makeover process at the beginning of 2019. Through the guidance of HMT Creative we helped to fast-forward an otherwise lengthy and complex process. We aligned the strategy with design execution, as well as helping in selecting partners for PR, Social Media, Website/Digital, and Influencer-marketing. The result: The OnlyGoodDog® brand was set to launch in only six week’s time.

“It has been a tremendous, engaging, educational, inspiring and fun journey together with HMT the last six months, and we now look forward with confidence to a very exciting future for our Only Good Bacteria Company.”

– Ph.D Clas Lönner, Founder and Co-owner of Animal Probiotics Sweden AB.

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Download the case study pdf here: AnimalProbioticsAB – ProEquoAB – Case Study by HMT