Benecol Brand Repostioning & Global roll-out:
Becoming the global expert in cholesterol lowering

Download the case study pdf here: Benecol – Becoming the global expert in cholesterol lowering

The Challenge

Back in 2008, Benecol was a well respected functional food brand. However, it was under attack by better-resourced competitors in dozens of different countries. While Benecol was still recruiting new countries, the company lacked clarity about what the brand should stand for and how it should behave. The challenge was to bring clarity to the company’s marketing, and therefore clarity to it’s consumers…

The Approach

HMT performed a Strategic Roadmapping together with Benecol. We tested brand scenarios with consumers, and found different results in different countries. Based on Wennstrom’s FourFactors® a ‘Market-Stage Model’ was developed.

The Solution

HMT identified an over-arching ‘Expert’ Position for Benecol. To bring this ‘Expert’ position to life in different countries, we highlighted Best Practice examples, and ran Brand Workshops.

The Results

The project gave immediate positive effects on Benecol sales. HMT delivered two key resources that were shared with all countries:  

– Pathfinding Marketing Manual = a step-by-step tool for identification of competitive advantages
– New Global Identity Guidelines (developed with DesignBridge), that matched the new brand identity and could be translated into various formats.

“I have to say it’s amazing the positive changes we’ve seen to the brand since your team joined our ‘family’. When I compare where we were that first day, with where we are now, I feel really happy.”

Ingmar Wester,
Inventor of Plant Stanol Ester, Benecol

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Download the case study pdf here: Benecol – Becoming the global expert in cholesterol lowering