The challenges of marketing probiotics
by HMT’s US partner David Gauger

Branding and messaging probiotic products present unique challenges. They range from regulatory to legal, but perhaps the biggest challenge is finding a position for your brand that will resonate with consumers in a crowded market. The benefits of probiotics on microbiome health is widely accepted, yet how these benefits can and should be communicated is murky at best. In the US, numerous products have faced legal challenges from the FDA and class action lawsuits. This is confused further by the soft line that separates nutritional supplements, functional foods, and probiotic-rich foods.

When bringing products to market, the branding and packaging need to communicate the functional benefits without crossing the line into unsubstantiated health claims, but it is essential to communicate the personality, efficacious qualities and the information which differentiates your brand from its competitors. The following are examples of branding, messaging and packaging created by Gauger + Associates, each with its own unique probiotic positioning:

    1. AYO Yogurt is a plant-based almond milk yogurt. Unlike other plant-based yogurts, the family that owns AYO has been growing its own organic almonds for four generations. The yogurt is fortified with a combination of probiotics from Christian Hansen.


2. Alive & Well organic olives are grown on small family farms and village co-ops in Greece using the same regenerative farming practices that have been followed for thousands of years. The small-batch lactofermentation processes generate naturally occurring probiotics. The traditional curing process maintains the naturally occurring, live, active cultures in the mother brine.


Each offers probiotics in different forms, with a different approach to microbiome support.


About David Gauger

David Gauger is President and Creative Director of HMT’s US partner Gauger + Associates, an advertising and design firm located in San Francisco, specializing in the marketing of health and wellness products. They include nutraceuticals, as well as organic and natural food and beverages.