B2B brand repositioning
How we positioned the ConCordix Smart Chews to reinvent supplementation

The Vitux group is the company behind the revolutionary and patented ConCordix technology. ConCordix “Smart Chews” is an innovative delivery form for dietary supplements, available for 3rd party or white label manufacturing. The organization is established in Oslo with manufacturing sites in Andenes, Arctic Norway and later this year Windsor Canada. They serve customers globally, helping them to excel and differentiate in their markets by offering healthy and high-quality nutritional supplements. They built this on the unique properties of the ConCordix pre-emulsified technology platform.

When they came to us, they needed help to tell their story. ‘The ConCordix technology had many primary selling points which left the positioning unclear.’ They have a great technology, but they needed to rebuild the narrative for current and potential partners as well as towards consumers. This was particularly relevant as Vitux was ready to move from start-up to scale-up by engaging with the US, the biggest dietary supplement market. The ConCordix technology had many primary selling points which left the positioning unclear.

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Our senior strategy consultant, Aurore the Monclin, who was on the case, comments:

The Vitux team was very proud of their technology as they had every right to be. They told us it is really unique but were not able to articulate the benefit for consumers & their reason existing. We started interviewing various team members individually and asked them to sell ConCordix to us. Everyone was telling a different story and focusing on a different benefit. It was clear that we needed to align the team and build the narrative together and focus on what really matters to their target B2B2C audience.”

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