Consumer Triggers and Barriers for mass market entry

with plant-based special analysis

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    Who is this report for and why should you read it

    This report is written for owners, management and investors in start ups and scale ups in food and health with a special focus on plant based foods. It is based on our global experience of the most critical failure factor in the evolution from a startup to a successful branded business – the cross roads between lifestyle niche and massmarket.

    The purpose is to support decision making on the two critical questions: Where to Play and How to win? based on our key learnings of the different Rules to Play for a Lifestyle brand vs a Massmarket brand.

    This is supported by our consumer research into the critical Consumer Triggers and Barriers for Mass market Entry. It is often claimed that health and sustainability driven brands fail at the mass market gates due to lack of taste. But as you will see from this report. Taste is not the only barrier.

    The HMT is the leading international specialist agency for innovation, marketing and branding in food & health. At the end of this report you will find more ways of accessing our 15 years and 6 continents of experience of how to be a winner in the healthy marketing game!

    At the HMT we believe that brands can change the world and we love to help you get it right the first time.

    Enjoy reading! 

    Peter Wennström

    Founder and Senior Consultant at HMT

    Want to know more? We love to hear from you!
    Please drop us contact