HMT Partner David Gauger Providing Branding Advice

at the Microbiome Consumer Conference in San Francisco

The Microbiome Consumer Nutrition Congress took place on the 24th and 25th of September in San Francisco. It was well attended by industry thought leaders and those looking to find a place in this fast growing category. The presentations ranged from new product concepts and scientific brake-throughs, in areas such as diabetes and weight loss, to panel discussions and marketing challenges. One of the main trends that was discussed was identifying targeted strains of probiotics that are condition specific.

Healthy Marketing Team partner David Gauger of the top US agency Gauger + Associates, was the closing speaker. David provided strategies for branding probiotics in a crowded market. They included case studies examining various approaches to brand positioning by both market leaders and new commers to microbiome health. Positioning strategies ranging from medical to lifestyle were discussed. Many of these take advantage of the fact that more than 4 out of 5 US consumers are aware of the link probiotics and a healthy digestive system. It delved into how a brand’s positioning opportunity should create a link between consumer need, competitive opportunity and cultural trends. His presentation concluded by sharing some of the processes and techniques used by Gauger and HMT to identify fresh insights and successfully launch new products in this dynamic category.

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