From Clean label to Clear label

Understanding the purchase motivation of the future consumer. A closer look at the millennials

By Maja Stefanovic

Every change is driven by a need

This time the driving force behind it is a new type of consumers we will be getting to know better in 2015 – the Millennials. Their role in the brand development is growing fast and causing quite a stir. The result? “Clean” labeling seems to have reached the end of the road and is passing the torch to “clear” labelling.

So who is the millennial consumer? And how have they created such a ripple in the healthy food industry?

The new consumer category we are zooming in on this year is young, trendy and educated. They are walking encyclopedias of nutritional facts and are very tech savvy, knowing exactly what they want. For them to love a brand it must tell an authentic story they can connect with. In essence, to attract Millennials your label needs clarity.

But how can you communicate clarity?

It’s a fact that for this consumer failed connection means failed product. We’ve established that to really grasp a millennial your brand must tell an authentic story. And when your only vessel of communication is the package, the message is in the label. “Clear” labeling is now taking over thanks to its ability to reshape the way products are communicating with consumers.

And what’s so special about “clear” as opposed to “clean”?

The answer lies in the detail – it’s the detail that makes the story original, authentic, relatable – transparent. While “clean” is stuck recycling the word natural, “clear” has an entire ocean of new terms and phrases designed to deliver the message in a new, better, innovative way.

Essentially, if you are targeting Millennials, it’s the detail that will make your brand sink or swim.

Because this is no ordinary consumer. One-word-covers-all method of communicating benefits is history. The millennial consumer already knows it all and expects a higher level of performance. The good news is, once connected with a brand, this consumer will develop a bond that is not easy to break and is long lasting – the bond of trust.

You just have to ask yourself: Is your brand communicating clarity?

HMT has recognized the importance of knowing this consumer and have yet again engaged in a project with the master’s program in Applied Cultural Analysis from Lund and Copenhagen Universities. Their innovative approach to consumer research is just what we need to scratch the surface and reach the core values of Millennials with the aim of uniting communication with understanding. What could be more trustworthy?