Global GameChangers 2020 Report

the only report that connects trends + consumer drivers + brand storytelling

“It’s a specialised report .. concentrating on healthy segments..”

“Inspiration for our projects”

“You really find the areas you are looking for”

“Other reports are quite general”

The Stories You Need To Tell for Brand Success in 2020

As the world of food and nutrition is changing along with its consumers, you must adapt and find the right ways to tell and channel your stories.

Our 2020 report aims to help you tell the right story for brand success by connecting What, Why and How.

1. WHAT: Trends 

We present 6 Global Gamechangers in the market for food and health that will lead to 6 NEW NUTRITION INNOVATION STRATEGIES each indicating the CHANGE between the old strategy and the new. This is coupled with 15 EMERGING TRENDS to demonstrate the NEW STORY TO TELL exemplified by BRAND EXAMPLES with links to their websites to inspire.

2. WHY: Consumers

We introduce the Gamechanger Consumer. The Emerging consumer who’s drivers are based on NEW LIFESTYLES shaped by technology and the connected society coupled by NEW BELIEFS generated by their search for identity in their online communities. Find the right narrative for your brand with our Believer segmentation complete with Storytelling guidelines

3. HOW: Brands

We take a closer look at GameChanger Brands, analysing brands narratives as examples of storytelling connected to GameChanger Trends and Consumers Beliefs Systems to show you HOW to make the health trends work for your brand.




2022 marks our 15th birthday!
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    What our customers said about the 2019 Report

    What our customers said about the 2019 Report

    “You really find the areas you’re looking for” “Inspiration for our projects” 
    “I lead the open innovation so I am always looking for new information. What struck me the most was the fact that it was quite topical, you really find different areas you are looking for, other reports are quite general and it is hard to navigate in them. “

    “It’s a specialised report .. concentrating on healthy segments..”
    “It presents itself as a specialised report on topical areas and concentrating on healthy segment – wellness, probiotics, nootropics, which I am interested in.”

    “Crystal clear structure..” “Easy to navigate..” “Very visual… examples were great..” 
    “The structure was crystal clear – 6 different Gamechangers, 19 trends – I understood that. I could navigate through it quickly – it was very visual which was great. Examples were great too, I could then use them as an inspiration for our projects.What also added the credibility was that the examples covered different geographies”


    Rishi Deb, Twinings

    Open Innovation & Tea NPD Lead