Global GameChangers 2021 Report

Where to play and how to win in 2021?

This is  NOT a Trend Report.


This is a “How to Make the Health Trends Work for Your Brand” report.


Focus of this year’s report:


Where to play and how to win in 2021?

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The idea of our Global Game Changers Reports are to cover Trends – Consumers – Brands.

In this 2021 report we will focus on

  • What drives trends from lifestyle niches into the mass market
  • What will motivate the Early Mass Market consumers to accept new ideas
  • How to position your brand for Early Mass Market success
  • + A step-by-step guide for applying the toolbox to your brand!
  • Now available in both pdf and slideshow format! Ready to help you dazzle your colleagues.


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>>What our customers said about Global GameChangers Reports

“Great new angle in your report to clarify how to go from lifestyle consumers to the (early) mass-market!
This is certainly something useful for developing product ideas with our ingredients.”

Myriam Snaet, Beneo
Manager Market Intelligence & Consumer Insights

“You really find the areas you’re looking for” “Inspiration for our projects” 
“I lead the open innovation so I am always looking for new information. What struck me the most was the fact that it was quite topical, you really find different areas you are looking for, other reports are quite general and it is hard to navigate in them. “

“It’s a specialised report .. concentrating on healthy segments..”
“It presents itself as a specialised report on topical areas and concentrating on healthy segment – wellness, probiotics, nootropics, which I am interested in.”

“Crystal clear structure..” “Easy to navigate..” “Very visual… examples were great..” 
“The structure was crystal clear – 6 different Gamechangers, 19 trends – I understood that. I could navigate through it quickly – it was very visual which was great. Examples were great too, I could then use them as an inspiration for our projects.What also added the credibility was that the examples covered different geographies”


Rishi Deb, Twinings
Open Innovation & Tea NPD Lead

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