HMT at FIE Masterclasses in Paris

Aurore de Monclin, HMT Managing Partner will give you sneak preview of the Global Gamechanger report 2020 during the Beverage Masterclass about new consumer behaviours and opportunities for innovation in beverages.

During her talk, she will present the GameChanging Consumers: the new generation of consumers that have evolved from being Healthy Eaters to Healthy Believers, are therefore advocating and embracing new health behaviours and making the trends that are impacting the marketplace. Through the lens of the GameChanging Consumers, she will present the key benefits, ingredient stories, occasions, formats and communications that are most impacting the beverage innovations. Join her …

In her second talk during the Snacking Masterclass “Innovations in Snacking”, she will show you how you can reap the rewards of the snackifying phenomenon that is growing strong across all categories. With 6 out of 10 of us now preferring to eat small bites throughout the day, snacking is the new eating and much more as it has becomes a daily ritual and gives us a sense of cultural belonging and identity.

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