Innovation culture case study:
Spinning the Wheel of Innovation Faster

Download the case study pdf here: Leipurin – Spinning the Wheel of Innovation Faster

“Innovation Culture is a topic that relates to a whole organization.” (Mika Coles, Head of Marketing, Leipurin)


Leipurin needed to extend it’s offering to not only include basic staple goods. How to transform from being an ingredient seller to become the obvious innovation partner to Leipurin’s customers?


As an integrated part of HMT’s Strategic Co-Innovation workshop, an Innovation Culture Audit was performed with Leipurin employees during spring 2017. This was performed together with Co-Innovation Group. The long-term objective was to establish a consumer-centric business model towards Leipurin’s key customer segments.


The Innovation Culture Audit elicits individuals’ natural behaviour preferences and style when it comes to innovation. A joint understanding of the needs of the different innovation profiles engaged the teams and initiated new structures for organisational responsibilities, deliverables and how Leipurin add customer value.


HMT’s work resulted in improved cooperation between Leipurin’s internal functions, which was key in order to transform into a customer innovation partner. Critical dependencies between different roles were identified, that were vital for successful innovation development. Thus Leipurin learnt how to optimise its current innovation process, making it’s innovation wheel spin even faster.

“Innovation Culture combined with HMT’s FourFactors® model has certainly potential to improve the way we help our customers to win more business.”

Mika Coles, Head of Marketing, Leipurin

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Download the case study pdf here: Leipurin – Spinning the Wheel of Innovation Faster