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The FourFactors® Partnerships: A one stop shop on top of global trends

The FourFactors® Partnerships

During 2018 the HMT (Healthy Marketing Team) developed a new concept of FourFactors® partnerships around the world. Today we have established two partnerships in the US (Eat Well Global and Gauger + Associates) and one partnership in Latin America (Equilibrium Latam).

The idea with this concept is to establish partners for the HMT in regions where we’re not present in order to share the FourFactors® Brand Acceleration System and help the food industry to orientate to new realities with a rapidly changing consumer market. A purpose is also to find competencies that complement our own. The exact collaboration between the HMT and the partners is different depending on our partners’ expertise in combination with the HMT. Thanks to the partnerships we get to take part of key insights from the different markets.

HMT Global Partners

Equlibrium Latam

Nutrition Communication and Innovation Agency based in Brazil


Equlibrium Latam is a Nutrition Communication and Innovation agency based in Brazil, with the expertise in monitoring consumer trends and managing key opinion leaders. We asked them to share a little summary of the present consumer market in Latin America, what key challenges their clients face and what use they find for the FourFactors®, and this is what we could learn.

Eat Well Global

New York based Nutrition Communication Agency


Eat Well Global, inc (EWG), is a Nutrition and Communication Agency based in New York with the mission to empower global change agents in food and nutrition, and their vision is a world where good nutrition is good business.

Gauger + Associates

San Francisco based Full-Service Agency


Gauger + associates is a San Francisco based full-service agency that starts with strategy and executes impactful messaging and design across multiple platforms. Their core competency is working with consumer food and beverage brands within the Natural & Organic, Specialty, Grocery and Club Store Channels.


Dutch based Marketing & Nutrition Consultancy Agency


Mutrition supports professionals at Dutch based food companies with strategic marketing, market intelligence and nutritional concepting. Through self-learning consultancy your acknowledged value through uniqueness is secured as well as the return on intelligence is optimized.


The FourFactors® Brand Acceleration System is an interactive, actionable, and inspiring framework for consumer and brand driven co-innovation. It has been successfully applied in more than 60 countries on 6 continents.

Fuelled by global best practices and case studies and facilitated by experienced HMT senior consultants, the FourFactors® Brand Acceleration System:

  • Connects trends with categories, brands and consumers in one visual model that helps you to find the sweet spot for innovation.
  • Facilitates step-by-step decision making
  • Creates actionable results
  • Creates team alignment and serves as one language across functions

The FourFactors® is today the globally leading tool for consumer and brand driven innovation in nutrition, health and wellness.

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