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  On the 19th of May, we co-hosted this webinar together with the market experts Gira. Did you miss it? No worries, you find the Webinar Recording here. About the webinar: Our ambition is to combine our joint global market and consumer insight expertise to give you the bigger picture beyond Plant-based and support you in how to deliver sustainable […]

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Did you know that Oatly was a brand that was initially playing in functional foods? In 2012 HMT Repositioned Oatly, setting the base for a Oatly to grow into a successful global brand. Oatly shows a great example that success doesn’t come by chance. It starts by the creation of a solid strategic platform. We will show you how we helped Oatly with their repositioning and how this approach can help YOU.

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Trends accelerate, whereby trends shift from being a lifestyle niche towards the new normal in the mass market. The speed with which trends accelerate depends on many factors, with the COVID-19 outbreak being a great example of how rapidly this can happen. It appears that nutritional myths play a crucial role in accelerating trends, as they can provide consumers with the emotional comfort they seek in such uncertain times. Curious to know more?

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