Next-gen beverages for the trend-setters

Calming, fermented, premium and non-alcoholic

The beverages market is still projected to grow at a decent rate during the next years owing to the growing per capita global consumption of drinks in major developing regions and to changing preferences of consumers towards healthier ready-to-drink beverages. Moreover, the growing focus by industry leaders is investing heavily in acquisitions and new product launches in order to gain a competitive advantage. Furthermore, consumer preferences regarding premium, healthier products and new experiences are also expected to affect the market growth.

So, naturally, what we needed to know is what are the next generation beverages for those early adopter consumers who are setting the trends? Basically, what are the kids on Instagram and Tik Tok drinking?? Here is what we discovered!

1. The energy drinks trend is now in reverse

The world saw a huge boom in energy drinks already some decades ago and now the trend seems to be reversed: Now calming seems to be the most important benefit. A sense of balance and calm and even stress relief are the sought-after benefits. After years of living with FOMO (fear of missing out), the pandemic has brought us closer to JOMO (Joy of missing out) with mental well-being as THE gamechanger trend in many categories. So calming beverages are hitting the scene with many interesting ingredients there to deliver the benefit: From CBD to L- theanine, to valerian and other herbals, there is no shortage of possible candidates. What remains to be seen now is if calming drinks will make the move towards the early mass market.

Asmara (SG) – Prebiotic drink with herbs to help with stress, mood, focus, and cognition.


2. Alcohol- free enjoyment goes mainstream

It used to be that people consuming alcohol-free beverages were mostly those following a specific diet or religion and their choice of beverages was quite limited. We are pleased to see that alcohol-free is becoming much more widespread and that there are now many more fun choices available. Different flavors and premium positioning with great, sleek packaging that feels festive and special – consumers don’t have to be ashamed anymore and can drink with pride. We raise our non-alcoholic glass to that!

Lowlander (NL) – Botanically brewed 0.00% white beer with orange & lemon peels.


3. The power of fermentation

Fermented drinks have many health benefits (as all kombucha die-hard fans have been telling for years!) and we see more drinks harvesting the power of fermentation. Botanically brewed drinks with premium flavors and high-quality ingredients, and even sparkling kombucha that is made to look like champagne, new generation consumers seem to have many fun new choices available.

Holos Kombucha (UK) – Non-alcoholic premium sparkling Oolong kombucha.



As you can see from the trends we have identified, there are some overarching elements that we see in all beverage innovations:

  • •  Brands are leveraging the power & flavor of nature by using plant ingredients and botanicals to create exciting flavors with new combinations.
  • •  Using techniques such as brewing and fermentation are used not only to boost the health benefits in beverages as we see with kombucha, but apparently this process also helps to increase and intensify the flavors.
  • •  Brands are offering a whole new drinking experience by creating aesthetically appealing packaging, making consumers look good with their product in their hands.

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