Observations from Vitafoods Asia:
Probiotic Growth Calls For Clear Subcategory Definitions

Probiotic growth calls for clear subcategory definitions for differentiation

All the probiotic products on display at Vitafoods Asia in September was a very good reminder of the quick growth and diversification of the probiotic category into sub-segments. The entrance of the Microbiome moves us away from the simple idea of a probiotic strain as an ingredient for primarily gut health to a vital part of your health. (See the Probiotic 2.0 Trend in our Global Gamechangers Report 2019)

So if we take Probiotics as the starting point then what I saw at Vitafoods Asia is a clear indication of how the probiotic category is diversifying:

  • Pure Rejuvenation introduced “psychobiotics” with cognitive anti-aging functions.

  • Synbioceutical promoted the combination of Probiotics + Prebiotics for Cholesterol lowering
    with the help of 10 Billion “synbioticsYNs

  • Symbio Dermal offered “microbiotic skincare

  • ProbiOral teased with minty popping “probiotic mouth refreshments

  • And finally, Syn Balance wanted to help us keep calm with a “probiotic complex for stress management
    via the gut-brain axis.

Key to success for new probiotic brands will be category management

If we apply the FourFactors® on the probiotic category, then what becomes clear is that all these new definitions must be positioned as new segments in the probiotic category. And as such they need to be clearly defined. Not just scientifically but in relation to what consumers already know. As we pointed out in our August newsletter, most consumers are still at first base = probiotics for gut health.