Our HMT experts’ food & health 2021 highlights

2021 lookback

HMT 2021 highlights

Our experts are looking back to this year, filled with projects with global customers in food & health and share their highlights.

Working with customers and brands across the globe, we are lucky to be amongst the first ones to experience all the latest innovations and trends before they come into the market. This was a very busy year with great work from so many of our customers’ brands. They are in the frontlines and improve consumers lives with food and health, on year 2 of the pandemic and amidst the climate- crisis. So, what stood out for our team of experts and what patterns do we see emerging?

Purpose is KING

This year “has been a soul-searching year for the brands we have been working on”, according to our senior consultant Aurore de Monclin, “leading to some amazing work helping our customers to develop purpose-driven brand positioning to truly bond with their consumers with authenticity”. This was the year where we worked with true change-makers more than ever; inspiring companies & entrepreneurs who embrace change by wanting to act and do good for both the planet and the people (holistically!). We see purpose becoming more important than ever in branding and positioning. Our FourFactors® Brand Acceleration System is an interactive, actionable, and inspiring framework for consumer and brand driven co-innovation. It includes The Torch which is our methodology for helping brands connect to their purpose. This year The Torch has led some incredible brands find their “fire” and we couldn’t be happier.

Sustainability is not enough; we need to regenerate!

What if… sustainability is not enough? This is the question that our customer WhatIF Foods asked, and we were happy to join their cause! We helped to crystalize the founder’s purpose in a simple yet bold call to arms: “what if sustainability is not enough? It’s time to restore!” then the mission became very clear: to turn food on its head and to reinvent the food industry category by category. The “WhatIf Way” as defined in the HMT workshops helps promoting the regenerative lifestyle which enables to replenish our body with great nutrients, to restore our land and to reconnect with the farmers. We are proud to grow our expertise of working with sustainability- driven brands and even take it a step further to regeneration.

If you are wondering how this trend is faring in other parts of the world, our senior strategy consultant APAC, Brigitte Zeller, reports: “2021 saw an acceleration and the emergence of Asian homegrown alternative proteins in APAC from Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, tailored to the Asian cuisine moving from beef (dominated by US startups) to chicken, pork and seafood. Singapore continued to lead the world with the first regulation approval of cell-cultured meat. In HMT we’re delighted to support our customers on next challenges creating inspiring purpose from regenerative cereal farming to the creation of the regeneration movement to change the world.”

The era of hybrid workshops

“Look I’m flying – again!”- this is what Peter texted us very excited a few months ago along with a picture of a very normal looking folding table in the back of an airplane seat. This picture would have hardly been something to share a couple of years ago, but it was the source of excitement this time around! Throughout this pandemic, we have had to forgo the journey to our customers. Instead, we have met and worked digitally with great success. Easier, faster and more efficient. Not to mention cheaper and more environmentally friendly when our customers do not have to pay to fly in consultants and employees from different countries. Sometimes we are still very happy to meet in person (guarantees a text message in our team chat!) and we have mastered the hybrid workshops format. In this way, we can have a mixed audience in the same session: some joining in person and others online. It allows us to pull the best team members into each customer project according to capabilities, not location. That means we can deliver the highest quality workshops for our customers, wherever they are. And with the right preparation and moderation, hybrid meetings are proven to be a great success. They bring capabilities in the room that otherwise wouldn’t be there due to physical restrictions.

As this year comes to an end, we hope that you enjoy some down- time which is so important for our physical as well as our mental health. We wish everyone a very happy holiday season, from our HMT family to yours.