“Plant-based eating is a game-changing trend”

By Peter Wennström

How do you play the game when the game is changing? From soft drinks producers to dairies, consumers changing behavior and attitudes to food & health is impacting the future of their business. To understand in time the difference between a hyped up, but short-lived trend and a Game Changing Trend will make it possible for you to change your game in time.

We used to talk about vegetarians as a niche group for niche brands and then the vegans turned up with a more aggressive view on the world that made many board rooms shy away from the veg trend since it seemed to attack the core of their business. But behind their backs the “flexitarians” were growing from a creek to a river making plant-based choices a new normal for mainstream consumers.

The quote below comes from HMT’s global consumer insight partner HealthFocus International and is sourced from an article in meatandpoultry.com:

“Walton pointed to a 2016 U.S. study from HealthFocus International, St. Petersburg, Florida, showing 13 percent of respondents said they considered themselves vegetarians and 1 percent said they considered themselves vegan. He said while only 17 percent of Americans said they were eating a plant-based diet either exclusively or predominantly, another 60 percent said they were cutting back on meat-based products.

So despite the low percentages for people claiming to be vegetarian or vegan, “plant-based eating is a game-changing trend,” he said.”

Game changers lead to game changing trends

HMT has identified 6 major game changers for the nutritional industries. These have to do with people, technology, science, production, resources and of course food for health and wellbeing. These game changers are major drivers of change and will challenge many of the current industry truths. But, more importantly, they are opportunities for those who learn to leverage them. Game changers manifest themselves as trends, or more specifically as Game Changing Trends. These trends for sure implies the greatest business opportunities. And the plant-based trend is, as Walton states, a strong, game-changing one, driven by several of the before stated game changers.

But how do you capture the plant-based opportunity?

As Global Brand Strategy Consultants we have advised clients with vegan values on how to create a strong lifestyle niche for their brands as well as how to develop a benefit driven flexitarian brand for a new company aiming for the early mass market.

The difference in approach is based on the understanding of where your brand is playing today and if you’re playing the game or have to change the game? And the strategic answers lie in what we call FourFactors® Innovation where you combine the analysis of Consumer trends and Competition with the understanding of your Brand Competence and Corporate Culture to find the right market entry strategy and position for your brand.

HMT – Celebrating 10 years of Game Changing Innovation for the Global Nutrition Industry

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