Join our free webinar “Plant-based…so what?”

Join us on Wednesday the 10th of March to learn where to play and how to win in the fast forwarding plant-based market by understanding the consumer triggers and barriers.

Some of the questions that will be covered in the webinar are:

  • Why plant-based isn’t a niche anymore
  • Why we have two plant-based markets
  • How the consumer drivers are changing as the plant-based market grows
  • Why there is an unexpected opportunity for Big players
  • Why you shouldn’t label consumers Flexitarians
  • Why there will only be one Oatly

    The presentation will be delivered at two timeslots8.00 CET, and 17.00 CET, to make it possible for everyone on all continents to join.

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    The webinar will be presented by Marit VeenstraJunior Strategist & Insight Consultant, and Aurore de MonclinManaging Partner & Senior Consultant, and it will be based on the Plant-based Special from our new Global GameChangers 2021 Report Fast Forward to the Mass Market. 

    Looking forward to see you in the webinar!

    Ps. When purchasing the Global GameChangers 2021 Report, you also receive the 2019 & 2020 reports. Please find more information here.