Veg of Lund Start-up Brand Positioning
How to create “The World’s Best Convenience Food”

Download the case study pdf here: Veg of Lund- Everyone Is Invited to the Full of and Free-from Lifestyle


A Swedish food-tech start-up came to HMT straight out from a Lund university food science laboratory with a patented emulsion of potatoes and rapeseed oil. They referred to it as a Potato Smoothie, and wanted to sell it as nutrient-dense plant-based drink for vegetarians seeking better alternatives.  With product benefits such as containing no added sugar, as well as its naturally filling and rich texture and taste obtained from the potato and the Omega-3 rich rapeseed oil, the challenge was now to figure out what to call this drink, what category it fits into, where to play and what product benefits to focus on.


Veg of Lund entered in to a brand positioning process together with HMT where the first step was to identify “Where to Play” with this new product based on consumer trends and possible role in the category of Smoothies. To develop the brand, HMT used the same process as for Oatly where the Brand Foundation gives the founders purpose and mission as a starter for the brand definition. 
Consumer research helped to confirm that the need for the new product was beyond the core of vegan and vegetarian segments and that the products’ taste and texture qualified it for a mass market consumer who were looking for healthier on the go alternatives. The Brand Expression work by HMT led to a Creative Bridge by “HMT Creative” who then developed the creative and visual language including packaging design, website and the launch strategy.

The Solution: MyFoodie® – Foodier than Smoothie

The category analysis helped us define the opportunity to differentiate from other plant based products on the fact that potatoes and rapeseed contain no allergens, i.e. allergen free as a nutritional benefit compared to soy and oats. So a Free from and Full of benefit was there, and consumer research revealed that this must also be clearly and visibly communicated on the pack. Secondly and most importantly, it was the market strategy where the need was to differentiate from smoothies, and so a New Segment of Foodie was created: Foodier than a Smoothie = MyFoodie®. The consumer target could now be expanded to flexitarians and the aim set for the early mass market.

The Results: The world’s best convenience food

MyFoodie® by Veg of Lund is today launched nationwide in Swedish deli’s, cafe’s, and grocery stores such as ICA and Coop, and are currently on the brink of launching in central London by guidance of HMT strategy, as well as preparing to roll-out in additional markets. During the initial pre-launch of the company and brand, MyFoodie® won the title of “The World’s Best Convenience Food” at the World Food and Beverage Innovation Awards in London, March 2018.

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Download the case study pdf here: Veg of Lund- Everyone Is Invited to the Full of and Free-from Lifestyle