Sustainability is a big concern throughout the globe, including Asia

If the United Kingdom and Sweden are the first sources of new products and innovations for the West, Japan, Singapore, and Australia are those initiators in Asia-Pacific too.

Last month (May 2021), Japan (DSM) had organized a conference focused on sustainability as a linked message to nutrition strategy. (The HMT AB was invited to provide a lecture!)  This country is one of the top first places in Asia mentioned sustainable aspect in the national level, also Japan has been ranked as the topped Asia-Pacific’s Greenest Countries by ValueChampion (SG). Since 2016 Japan announced its sustainable development goals for zero-emission vehicles, plastic bag consumption reduction by 2030, and carbon emissions elimination by 2050. 

Even though other countries in Asia such as Thailand and South Korea may raise some concerns on environmental issues, they remain in a niche group of consumers in terms of foods. Besides, many Asian countries have begun to cope with environmental problems by reducing plastic utilizing, carbon emission, or more sustainable fuel usages, afterward, FMCGs lastly adopt a sustainable strategy for their healthy foods and wellness products which more directly related to consumers.

So, to speak it is a starting point of the development process of sustainability in Asia, while it is expected to gradually move to the early mass market in this coming year. For instance, in Thailand, there is a movement of sustainability named “RootTheFuture” standing up for vegan, plant-based foods, and a zero-waste lifestyle. Since last year they had intentionally promoted in a few big cities after that sustainability in foods became a new trend for the whole food industry as evidenced by several plant-based food start-ups establishing this year.

The same as a food trend, it predominantly evolved from the influencing country like Japan diffusing to the rest of the regions. Sustainability will undoubtedly dominate the health food & wellness market in this coming era for Asian countries as seen in Japan.

Things are processing to disclose. Would not it be interesting to see #sustainability is coming along with healthy products in Asian F&B in this coming future!

This insight piece is published by

Thanyathorn Wongnichakul

APAC Insight Consultant at Healthy Marketing Team