The Green Dairy (part of Bofood AB) Brand Identity:
How we bridge brand equity through design

Felicia Wennström, CD and head of HMT Creative explains:

“When creating the brand identity for The Green Dairy we worked to bridge the brand equity into creative expressions and design based on the brand positioning, its target audience and market entry strategy established by HMT’s strategy team.”

Bring passion to your position!

“Before we started the design process, we asked ourselves why all B2B food production brands and companies brand identities often are so dull? End-consumers, customers, or people in general, all appreciate good branding that speaks to you, so why are all these B2Bs so non-personal and sterile? Do they simply not think it’s of enough value, or are they afraid to have a voice and take a stand? Of course, B2B food producers and co-packers don’t play by the same rules as B2C brands and there are aspects of a confidentiality and certain discretion. But still, it’s 2020 and transparency from source to shelf is becoming a necessity for all industries, hence we believe that it ought to be applied for the longevity and future success of companies within the B2B food sector. You don’t have to say it all, but the least you can do as a B2B is to show that you are awake and aware by having a voice that conveys a vision and mission.”

“As a B2B food producer we must be a part of the change. If we change to healthier and more sustainable practices we also make it possible for our customers to change, and together we can make a positive difference in the chain of food production and consumption.”

– The Green Dairy

Design approach

“Our design approach was to allow the personality of the new brand to speak for itself in a confident, simple and iconic way. We wanted to create a design and voice that is sharp, serious and calm for the purpose of instating trust and proficiency. Yet also personable, inspiring and human. By bringing out core values from the Brand Positioning Blueprint we built the copy and communication around the following key messages: balance, change, innovation and expertise, and plant-based and natural. This project is a good example of this otherwise internal process as we decided to front the core values and reflect them in the brandmark.”

Work summary: Visual identity – logo, brand book, product design, photography, tonality, copy and communication platform, and sales and marketing materials.

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