The Green Dairy Brand Identity:
How we bridge brand equity through design

The Green Dairy was born out of Bofood, a Swedish pioneer in plant-based dairy with a long history of developing tasty and convenient plant-based dairy products both B2B and B2C.  Rooted in plant-based values, the founder believed it was their role as a food producer, to not just passively produce on order but also be an active part in the change for a healthier and more sustainable world. The founder’s purpose is to make plant-based the new normal and to achieve this, you need to make great-tasting products with great nutritional qualities, plus he wanted to make it possible for their customers to change faster. HMT’s Brand Torch Process helped to turn the company’s purpose of change into defining the Position and the Expression of a purpose-driven brand. Read the case study to learn more about The Green Dairy. 

See the Full Case Study here


Additionally, HMT Creative helped The Green Dairy to find their visual identity.

Felicia Wennström, Head of HMT Creative explains:

“When creating the brand identity for The Green Dairy we worked to bridge the brand equity into creative expressions and design based on the brand positioning, its target audience and market entry strategy established by HMT’s strategy team.”

Work summary: Visual identity – logo, brand book, product design, photography, tonality, copy and communication platform, and sales and marketing materials.

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