Global Gamechangers 2019 Report

How to leverage the latest health trends to empower your brand

We can see many Trend Reports being launched around the globe and you may ask what makes this one different? We think it is not efficient enough to deliver a list of the new hot trends if you don’t know how to use them for your business. Therefore, this trend report will not only show you WHAT is happening in the world of food and health but also WHY it is happening by understanding the consumer motivations behind the trends and finally HOW you can make the trends work for your brand innovation.



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     driving the emerging local trends. Based on years of expertise in the industry, we have identified six global Gamechangers, centred on the future role of nutrition, that are re-shaping fundamentally the marketplace. You will find the illustration of trends emerging from Gamechangers, together with innovation opportunities for your brand arising from each trend.


     whose trust you must win for your brand. We want to proudly introduce to you a result of our ConsumerLab analysing the early adopter consumer “who will change everything”. You will find different profiles of the early adopter with Do’s & Don’ts of how to bond with them through developing the right brand story.


    … who accelerate change. To understand the impact of trends on your business, you must also understand the role of Gamechanger Brands who see it as their mission to change the game and bond with the Gamechanger consumer. We will describe how they connect to a specific Innovation Strategy and bond with a specific Early Adopter Consumer segment.

    Find the Sweet Spot for your innovation. The ambition of this report is to help you join the dots between trends, consumers and your brand to find the sweet spot for your innovation and establish the starting point for your brand innovation roadmap.

    We hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed working on it!

    Let the Global Gamechangers inspire your future innovation! Contact if you are interested in ways to bring the Gamechangers into your organisation.

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    In order to know what’s the right strategy for implementing the trends within
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    This strategic guide and practical toolbox examines the unique set of opportunities and challenges that entering an emerging market can bring. It considers the fast pace of change in consumer mindsets and expectations; the fast growth across most food and beverage categories and the increasing competition from local as well as international players.

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