Trend Spotting at Vitafoods Asia 2022

4 key trends: All eyes on the microbiome, new formats for probiotics, next level healthy aging and women at the centre of innovation

By Brigitte Zeller, Deepak Gunvante and Thanyathorn Wongnitchakul, HMT APAC team

Our HMT ASIA team had the pleasure of attending Vitafoods Asia last week on the ground in Bangkok, Thailand with our Asia Insights consultant Thanya Wongnitchakul being a speaker on the main stage on the topic of immunity and holistic health. HMT was represented at VitaFoods Asia by:

– Brigitte Zeller, HMT Partner Singapore,

– Deepak Gunvante, HMT Partner India & Middle East

– Thanyathorn Wongnitchakul HMT Insight Asia, based in Thailand,

Our team scanned the show floor in Bangkok and identified 4 key trends:

1. Microbiome therapeutics

Multiple benefits with different strains of microbiome were presented to be ready for new applications in food & supplements such as:

  • •  Immunity
  • •  Infant health
  • •  Weight management

We spotted some great concepts from Morinaga, a key global probiotics manufacturer from Japan.

2. New formats for probiotics

Probiotics are evolving to much more consumer friendly formats to fight pill fatigue. For example we discovered the ODF Postbiotics Film that you can put in your mouth and let it dissolve! It has vitamin B,C,E added with 200 billion Postbiotics that can endure heat. Probiotics gummies to keep kids healthy and happy? Yes, please. We found a sugar-free gummy from company Probites  which contains probiotics and prebiotics for strong immunity and tummy. Enriched with zinc and vitamin C. No sugar, no preservative and non GMO. Finally, a great concept from Boncha Bio from Taiwan, a patented synbiotics “candyceutical”. Live probiotics with prebiotics in a new dosage and form of a candy. The candy shell contains PorbioBooster prebiotics, enhancing the survival rate of probiotics for the gut health.

3. The evolution of healthy aging

The science around healthy aging is evolving and so do the messages and concepts. We loved Cel1 Stability by Science Research Wellness from New Zealand. Cel1 Stability is a supplement formulated to support 3 of 9 functional areas of the cell that decline with age:

  • •  Supports DNA structure and function
  • •  Supports normal gene function
  • •  Supports telomeres

They encourage consumers to use Cel1 as part of the preventative maintenance strategy for healthy aging, or if they experience environmental and lifestyle-related factors that place stress on the cells. They talk about the “cellular age” which is a novel way of communicating for healthy aging supplements.

4. Women at the centre of innovation 

Menopause and beauty from within are topics that are being frequently explored by supplements but we love to see new science and consumer- cantered innovation emerging in these two areas. An example that got our team’s attention was Estrition Yuhan Baeksuo Master from South Korea that leverages ancient traditions and beliefs. It is a menopause supplement from baeksuo complex, the traditional roots in Korea are developed in concentrated  liquid format to relieve 10 menopause symptoms such as vertigo, nervousness, insomnia, hot flash, and night sweats.

How to make the health trends work for your brand?

We have 15 years of experience in the Asian markets supporting B2B and B2C companies as specialists in food & health innovation and branding and getting them faster to market with our expert services.

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One thing that we have learned from Asia but also globally in these last 15 years, is that the trends are great and can be very inspiring. But they don’t mean anything without a navigation system. To be successful you need to know which trend is right for your brand and your market and your target consumer. With 80% of new product launches failing within 12 months, especially in times of recession, it is more important than ever to know which trends are right for you and how to improve your hit rate. Our methodology, the FourFactors® of Success gives you a practical ‘back of an envelope’ checklist that takes the guesswork out of food and health marketing. If you want to know more please check out our online academy and take advantage of an exclusive 25% discount code for the online FourFactors® Masterclass: VITAFOODS22*HMTVIP which we created for Vitafoods Asia.