My Foodie by Veg of Lund - Brand Identity Design

HMT Creative designed the visual brand identity and communication platform for the Swedish food-tech start-up MyFoodie® by Veg of Lund, based on the brand positioning strategy created by HMT Strategy. The company and brand launched nationwide in Swedish deli’s, cafe’s, and grocery stores such as ICA and Coop, and central London by guidance of HMT, and won the title of “The World’s Best Convenience Food” at the World Food and Beverage Innovation Awards in London, March 2018. Today the company, Veg of Lund AB, is publicly traded and continues the innovation and development of new plant based food product brands.

Visual Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Font Design
Copy Platform
Ads and more

Want to know how we helped Veg-of-Lund to create “the World‘s best convenience food” and the strategy blueprint behind the creative work?

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