What we learned from the Vitafoods 2022 show floor

The last 2 days our team has been live on the floor at Vitafoods Europe the world’s premier nutraceutical event, in Geneva. This annual gathering sees a truly global audience covering the entire nutraceutical supply chain. The HMT team, as true brand- builders in food and health, have been in the thick of things and your correspondent (hi, this is Maria!) is bringing you the latest innovations from the show, so read on!

The body and mind working together

First, I was invited as speaker on the main stage to talk about a burning industry question: the last 2 years of the pandemic, the nutraceutical industry has been growing thanks to the consumer demand for ingredients which support immunity. But with the pandemic ending, what everyone seems to be asking is, what is next? The HMT team did a thorough analysis on the topic which resulted in our 2022 Gamechanger Report on mental well-being. Immunity is evolving with consumers shifting away from the single immunity benefit to a more holistic view on health considering good mental balance as an important building block for a body’s adequate response to any health threat. The connection between physical and mental lies in the gut and it is reflected by the rise of attention to your microbiome and the gut – brain connection. If you missed my presentation at the show, please drop me a note at maria@thehmt.com and I am happy to send you my slides as well as arrange a one-to-one session to share these insights with your team!

Solutions for mood & cognition

The trends at the show reflected very much our findings about mental well- being with mental and cognitive health and especially sleep as key topics in many booths. In Gnosis by LeSaffre for example, we found out how they explore the biotransformation processes occurring within our bodies and identify molecules that are linked with cognitive health, such as SAMe (S-adenosyl-methionine) and folate and develop nutritional solutions to support mood and cognitive health. Science is fascinating!

It’s all in the gut

And when it comes to the shift from physical to mental with the gut as the protagonist in this shift, we met with Nathan from Advanced Biotics who are on a mission to make the microbiome more accessible to everyday consumers with accessible and products that consumers will WANT to take. First in line their Daily Microbiome Booster which I tasted in my cold ginger tea but it can be mixed literally into anything.

Sensorial experiences

Moving at the DSM booth, I loved the new Sprinkle It solution that the team brought to the show. Sprinkle It is a market-ready solution, specially designed to deliver vitamins and minerals in a convenient granule format, that consumers can take as is or mixed with food. The granules are colorful and fun but don’t have a flavor, so I could sprinkle them in my yogurt and really enjoyed it!

We then passed by the PharmaLinea booth where I was impressed to taste their award-winning iron sirop which has a great flavor.

We also joined Kappa Biosciences for happy hour and found out how vitamin D depends on the not-so-well-known vitamin K2 for optimal function. An important combination which can present many opportunities for supplement manufacturers.

I know there were many more exciting products that I simply didn’t have time to explore when I was there and my brain was simply overloaded by the stimuli of in- person meetings (the pleasure and novelty of them!) so feel free to drop me a note and tell me what your must- have was that I missed: maria@thehmt.com. I will be happy to make a follow up post and also address the other big question: where do we see opportunities for future product development? Stay tuned!