Webinar Recording: Fast Forward to the Mass Market:
Where to Play and How to Win in 2021?

Tuesday the 26th of January we kick started the year by hosting a webinar where we introduced our

Global GameChangers 2021 Report

‘Fast Forward to the Mass Market: Where to Play and How to Win in 2021?’

and presented this year’s content highlights.

Global GameChangers 2021 Report content highlights:

•  The 6 Global Game Changers that are Fast Forwarding niche trends into the mass market

•  The 12 trends that are fast forwarding from niche to mass market with 38 brand examples

•  6 case studies of brands who are successfully leveraging niche trends for mass market success

•  The 4 consumer triggers & the 4 consumer barriers for mass market entry with examples of the Dos and the Don’ts.

•  The 3 brand strategies for how to win in the mass market for health with case studies.

•  + Plant based Special!– Where to play and how to win in the fast forwarding plant based market!

The webinar was presented by Zuzana KalistovaInsights Specialt & Discovery Lead, and Peter WennströmFounder & Lead Consultant.


You can watch the webinar recording here:


Here’s what some of the attendees said about the presentation:

“A digest of the GameChangers Report is always nice before deep diving into the full (very long) report.”

“Clear reason on why the brands you choose as a case example succeeded/failed market entry.”

“I liked the hands on attitude.”

“Good content. Good with real examples.”

“It got into very specific concepts about consumer drivers and the way they were structured/stratified. The wording and structure/sequence in the presentation was very clear. The wording of some of the concepts was really illustrative: concise and to the point.”

“Product examples that creates more understanding.”