What we learned in 2019: Foods must talk!

When the trend institute Innova announced Storytelling as the #1 Global Trend it did not come as a surprise to us who are working with branding projects targeting the new generation of consumers who are growing up with the future of our planet on their shoulders.

This new generation of consumers is made aware daily that every consumption choice they make is connected to a consequence – either for their own health or for the health of the planet. And it is the brand owner’s job to help them handle this dilemma. Looking into 2020 it is more clear than ever that today foods must talk to the dilemmas faced by a new generation of consumers who have to make daily consumption choices that will have an impact on their lives, as well as life on this planet.

Silence is not an option anymore and moving into 2020 the importance of Storytelling will only evolve faster. Big brands simply must learn from the new small brands that who you are is as important as what you sell. Today’s consumer expects every company to do its bit in making foods and food production both healthier and more sustainable.

When we look at our own mission of Healthier Brands for Healthier Business, we know that our role is to support our clients in understanding how to meet consumers’ expectations and how to develop the right brand narratives to bond with their consumers. Our contribution for 2020 is based on the research we have done with Cultural Analysts from Lund University to identify the Belief Systems of the new consumers that will help you develop the right brand Brand Narratives for your brand.

For this reason, we have given our 2020 Global GameChangers Report the title: “The Stories To Tell For Brand Success in 2020”. In this report, we are looking at what stories are trending, what consumer belief systems are emerging and how to develop the right brand narrative.

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