WhatIF Case Study:
Redefining a disruptive brand

How do you explain to consumers that sustainability is not enough? What will motivate them to “buy in” to the new idea of regenerative farming? How do you shape strong key messages to align your team internally but also be consistent to the outside world and create a platform for international growth.

These were some of the challenges that WhatIF had when they came to us. WhatIF Foods is a company from Singapore that offers nutritious foods from diversified and indigenous crops that are climate-resilient, resource-efficient, and at the same time, support local farmers and their communities. With a founder that has a clear purpose and a company that takes a lot of action, it became a challenge for WhatIF Foods to bring their story to the world. At HMT we believe that brands can change the world and we were proud to support WhatIF in their mission. We used our full capabilities on this one, end to end, from strategy to design. We optimised their brand by ensuring that the brand purpose and storytelling are disruptive, engaging with the right audience and differentiating from all other plant-based products with a smaller and less ambitious scope. Now their message is spreading from country to country and they are connecting to consumers and retailers who want to Join the Regeneration!

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The WhatIF way, sharpened and featured on WhatIF Foods website


At HMT we are proud to work with brands that create positive change, so we invite you to read WhatIF’s open letter and learn how you can join the Regeneration.


Want to know more about the beautiful design behind the WhatIF brand? Check out the link!


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