What we like about Coke’s Friendly Twist caps

by Peter Wennstrom Coke’s "sharing capsules” (it takes two bottles to open one) launched in Colombia is an excellent example of brand innovation that is all about what the brand stands for not what the product is or is not. Remember “Classic Coke” and “Coke Diet Plus” and you realise how far Coca Cola have come in their brand innovation skills.


Can Superfoods find a place in Mass Market?

by Aurore de Monclin The trend: beyond natural to real food Consumers seek benefits beyond natural; they are now looking for “Real Food”. For Mass-Market consumers it means the rejection of highly processed foods and empty calorie snacks. For the lifestyle consumers, it is looking for foods that are full of nutrients and free from allergens, usually in a more raw unadulterated form.


The most dramatic new innovations at Vitafoods were those you didn’t see

Observations from Vitafoods by Peter Wennstrom. A person asked me "what is the iPhone of the nutrition industry?” and I said “the iPhone is”. It puts consumers in control of the information flow. It adds communication, individualisation and relationship building to any nutritional product concept. It also makes national boundaries a thing of the past with on line purchasing and


Why do people fall for immediate gratification instead of waiting for long-term rewards?

by Vincent van Buul At Maastricht University, with the coaching of Peter Wennstrom, a doctoral research project is being undertaken to understand how marketing cues can impact consumer-purchasing decisions for future health. “We wanted to understand how, in a shopping environment, the consumer could be stimulated to think about long term health and


Are you an Einstein, Edison, Ray Kroc or an Organiser? Improve innovation success in your organisation

The Healthy Marketing Team has recently completed a research project with industry and academy partners looking at innovation capability of the European food industry. The aim of the project is to increase the success rate of innovation and products launched into consumer markets by understanding the dynamics of an organisation’s innovation capability.    In our initial analysis we were able to


From Juice Africa: Golden rules for launching your next product

On April 8, 2014 Peter Wennstrom President and Founder of the Healthy Marketing Team travelled to Cape Town in South Africa to conduct a workshop on How to Increase the Success of your Next Juice Product Launch in African Markets. Here are a brief summary of his ‘Golden Rules’… Golden Rules from Juice Africa Don’t try to be


VitaFoods Special: Invest in education before claims for long term profitability

Special presentation of latest research on Nutrition and Health Claims as Marketing Tools and FourFactors MasterClass at VitaFoods Europe. A claims led strategy will lead to a regulatory road block but an education driven strategy will always find its way. Both recent research as well as long term market experience


SFIN’s Innovation Trainee program at HMT

By Martina Oxling Within 10 years time approximately 40% of the working force will have been replaced. - Mikael Aru, CEO at Procordia AB A lot of companies are facing this challenge and we all know the importance of having good human resources. So how to ensure we´re getting the right people? Within


Health Ingredients Europe (HiE) & NuW Awards

Will you be attending Hi Europe? The HMT will and we’d love to meet you there in person! Peter Wennstrom will be speaking at the conference on Wednesday 14th November about Novel ways to use traditional ingredients: Taking traditional ingredients outside their box and Revealing new concepts of novel marketing. Peter will be


Consumers want to be told LESS and just do MORE

by Aurore de Monclin   If you believe your product is the end point. Think again. You are not exploiting the full potential of your brand. Success lies in engaging with your consumer where your product is the starting point…   Disrupting instead of protecting In the 1990s, Nike was obsessed with differentiation: new colours, new styles, new technologies. A decade later, Nike understands it


The Nutrition Game is Changing. Are you ready to play by the new rules?

by Peter Wennstrom When I started The HMT we set out as our mission to be agents of change for the nutrition industry. Today this mission is more relevant than ever as we have observed 5 global ‘game changing’ forces re-shaping the food and beverage landscape. The HMT invite you to join us on this journey, to stay ahead of the


Capitalising on the Mediterranean Diet From Trend to Revenue

HMT Consulting Partner Sam Waterfall will be presenting at the Food & Drink Network's Seminar "The Mediterranean Diet - The Next Big Trend" on the 27th June in Daventry. About the event (from FDIN) It seems that as an industry we're always on the back-foot being blamed for making people fat


Back to the future with trends in the USA

Trend observations from Natural Products Expo West, Anaheim, CA by Peter Wennstrom The Natural Products Expo West show serves the entire US natural foods industry to you on a plate. Including new and emerging categories in natural supplements and personal care. The exhibition and the surrounding Engredea and Nutracon conferences were the perfect platform to conduct trend observations and swap learnings


FourFactors® Masterclass Roadshow in Singapore on January 31

Learn how to be a winner in the market for nutrition, health and wellness! Essential Viewing! In this video you'll see 3 global giants of our industry pulling multi-million dollar launches off the shelves. Join Peter at one of his Four Factors Master Classes and discover how all 3 could have avoided the expense and the pain by applying a


Does your consumer care about Health Claims? Fi Europe Update

Well… we did what we said we would at Fi Europe this year; delivered key presentations, met with friends old and new, observed new trends from the show floor and even managed a glass (or two) of Champange. It was a very successful event for the Healthy Marketing Team. Our presentation links, summary of our Health Claims Special Report and


Ingredients for success at FiE Paris

It’s all happening at FiE Paris this year… global innovations… key industry insights… excellence awards… and great friends. There may even be Champagne… after all, we will be in Paris, n’est-ce pas? HMT will be there in force; observing latest developments and contributing to the crucial insights driving


Three Global Innovation Barriers: how you can make them work for you

On Thursday 29 September, Peter Wennström, President and Founder of the Healthy Marketing Team presented at the engredea365 Virtual Trade event. The presentation was entitled the 'Three Global Innovation Barriers: how you can make them work for you'. · The Innovation Challenge: transforming potential barriers into success · Introduction to the 3 C’s: your Consumer, your Category and your Competencies · Successfully


The Value Chain Starts in the Mind of the Consumer

Originally published in New Nutrition Business Journal. Issue: October 2000 In their ambition to create value, producers of hi-tech products have been blinded by their technology.This approach is as common in functional foods as it is in computers, argues Peter Wennstrom, Scandinavia’s leading brand consultant, and instead of creating value many companies have eroded the value of their technology. But there


Functional Foods and the Consumer’s Perception of Health Claims

Originally published in New Nutrition Business Journal. Issue: August 2000 In this article, first published in The Scandinavian Journal of Nutrition*, Peter Wennstrom, Scandinavia’s leading brand consultant, explains how consumers have very clear perceptions of what is food and what is a drug and discusses two models being used in marketing strategies for functional foods - the Science Push and