Redefining a disruptive brand

WhatIF Foods is not just another plant-based brand. Founded on regenerative principles to make a real impact from the ground up. From farming to end products. To connect the founder’s purpose to the target group, we established “The WhatIF Way”. WhatIF Foods is now positioned to activate the “REgeneration” movement to engage with those hungry for more in life (Gen Z) and value a change-making brand.

B2B branding with strong values

When you are the first dedicated plant-based dairy producer, you have the right to take the leading position internationally. Rooted in plant-based values, the founder believed it was their role as a food producer to play an active part in the change for a healthier and more sustainable world. With the new positioning & visual identity, The Green Dairy is now ready for global expansion, led by the purpose of making plant-based the new normal; For a Life in Balance, for a World in Balance.

B2B supplement technology storytelling

How do you tell the story of a revolutionary technology? Going back to the purpose of the Concordix technology to mirror the structure of food, supported the repositioning & storytelling of Concordix Smart Chews as the natural way to ingest nutrients.

Making science accessible

A ketone-based supplement that reduces migraine, founded by a neuroscientist and backed by science. But science is hard to understand for the average consumer, and ketone bodies are associated with diet and weight loss. The challenge we tackled was making the scientific story accessible to consumers and true to the founder’s purpose. We created a trustworthy lovable brand: from strategy to design.

Creating a platform for international growth

You can have world-class science, but if you don’t know how to tell the story and the value it brings, you will not break through. Oatly’s challenge was that they behaved like a generic brand without a clear differentiation. Our brand strategy process helped to leverage the purpose behind the science. Milk that is better for humans and the planet: The Oatly Way.

Portfolio optimisation & redesign

When the category you play in becomes crowded and competitors start challenging you, you must ensure that your strategy spans the whole portfolio and that you are consistent in your brand messaging. We supported Nigeria’s leading juice & dairy brands, Chivita & Hollandia, with a differentiated masterbrand strategy and visual identity system for the portfolio to remain in the leading position.